Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Docs Appt Feb 15 2008

Thank goodness we had a really good docs appt. We had a Dr Johnson who was the sweetest man. He took time and answered our questions and asked me if I would be more comfortable being seen every 2 weeks. He also thought it was silly to have the ultrasounds and docs appts the same week. He didn't have the ultrasounds back to look at. I gained weight. I weighed 117. The girls heartbeat was really loud and faster this time at 150 something and the boy's was 140 something. He measured me but I forgot to ask what I measured. Nick and I really liked this doctor. He was so sweet. I wish I could keep going to him. He said he's old school. :) He said if I were working outside the home he'd tell me to stop. He said I need lots of breaks with my feet up and laughed when I told him about my swelling legs. He said that's going to get much worse. The nurse told me to cut back salt and drink as much as I can. It freaked me out when I saw a huge lump on my leg above my sock. I stopped wearing anything but anklets since then.

My body is certainly starting to tell me when enough is enough. It's not taking much at this point. The last two days I've been miserable with rib and back pain. I swear the lil boogers must of had a growth spurt and are pushing out my ribs. I've always had rib issues so I knew it was coming. I feel better today. The contractions are coming often now. I'm figuring out how to manage them. I have one every time I have the pressure of having to go to the bathroom. I have them after walking or standing. I try and drink water and rest until they let up. They aren't painful just uncomfortable. I've not been real worried about keeping track of them as far as having 4 in an hour since I'm having them so often and I know my cervix was fine on the ultrasound. Nick is getting more sympathetic. It's ridiculous because I can't pick anything up I drop while sitting. I have to stand and then crouch down. I've noticed a big difference in my breathing capacity and I've been getting heartburn every night all night now. I'm not sleeping much....it's becoming a pattern of........sleeping on left side, waking up from pain in my hips, rolling to back until back hurt enough to have to move...i have a big pillow to keep me from my right side...if i start to go too far right the ligament pain starts and then I have to move to a chair until it stops....then back on side.....then getting up to take tums......getting up to pee......sitting up in bed to try and stop the heartburn......then all of it over again and again. The idea of a recliner is seeming more like a good idea.

I'm starting to realize that I've got to limit everything and focus on what it important to me in a day. I found out Sunday that it was too much. It may have been because we had a wedding on Saturday and I was exhausted and in pain after that. I sat most of the time but the standing in between was enough. Our church moved to two services and Nick signed up to teach 2-3 yr olds during the first service every sunday. I'm on the schedule to help him every other week. Getting up at 7 and spending that first service with just a couple little ones was hard for me. I mean they are little, you have to get down with them and they freak out when their parents leave. The getting up and down and holding...was too much. We helped with the 4-5 year olds before and that was different although at this point probably still exhausting. We went to the second service at 11 and I had constant contractions the whole time and couldn't stand during worship which was embarrassing to me. I told Nick I need an end seat for bathroom breaks from now on. Then we have youth group at night with the teens. Right now we only have one running vehicle so we've gotta figure it out. Nick's gotta get the caddy running to be able to drive to church separate. I hate to spend any money on it right now but something has to change because I can't do all this every week at this point. I told Nick and he knows that my heart is really with the teens Sunday nights and I'd rather save my energy up for that. I love the little ones too but my gifts don't lie there. Nick is awesome with them and has the energy for it, me not so much. I can have deep conversations with teenagers and text them all day long and never get sick of it. I'm going to give helping out with the little ones another shot and see how it goes, I just feel bad not being able to really serve them like I should.

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