Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ultrasound 24 weeks

We had a really good ultrasound appt. Everything is right on track so far. Both babies this time weigh 1 lb 7 ozs. Still on track with what a single baby would be at 24 weeks. I think to myself.....they are going to get HOW much bigger??? I feel huge now. lol Their heartbeats were 148 beats/minute. I told Nick I swear the girl is getting bigger because my belly button seemed to have shifted to the right for a few days. lol It centered again. Was kinda funny though because she did catch up and they are the same now. It is really hard to get a good look at them now. There are arms and legs everywhere and it's hard to tell which baby they are attached to. They are also much closer now. Last time the boy was crossing over to the middle and sitting on her head. This time the girl was over the middle on his head. They are positioned the same as last month. The girl is head up and the boy is head down. They have always been opposite so far. Her feet are very low and there is no wonder I feel like she's going to kick out of me. lol They are busy little babies in there. Moving constantly. That's the other reason it's so hard to catch good pictures of them. Here are the main Yea God's of the day.......my cervix is still long, there is plenty of fluid in each sac, each placenta looks healthy, blood flow through the umbilical cords is good, the babies are the size they should be, and their hearts are beating beautifully with all 4 chambers.
Boys Hand

Boy XRated View

Boy Profile

Girl laying on Boy's head

Girl's head and belly

24 weeks

We got to talk to the high risk consultant there and ask questions. I'm going to try and write down what she told us before we forget. She told us more in a few minutes then anyone so far. She talked really fast but was very frank and honest with us. She said she went to the same docs we're going to for both of her babies. She said they deliver a lot of twins. She said that contractions with twins are normal at this stage. Basically my body thinks I'm 30 some weeks pregnant because of size and it's reacting. She said WE WILL end up going to the doctor/hospital because of contractions with twins and to expect it to happen. Your body will think it's time before it's time because of the size of your uterus. She said to go to the hospital if I have four or more contractions in an hour or if they become more painful, she said obviously go if there is blood or leakage. If I end up at the hospital and my contractions keep coming they will give me a medication to make them stop. I forget the name of it but she said it's a miserable med for the mom and makes you sick but most times it stops labor. Then I'd be sent home once they are under control. She said the big goal is to make it to 34 weeks. If I deliver before 34 weeks I'll have to be given steroids to help speed the development of the babies lungs as they try and hold off labor until it gets to them. That's 10 weeks! She made the comment that I'm still at the comfortable stage now. lol I thought that was funny.....I can't even imagine how this is going to progress. She said YOU WILL GET HUGE! We also talked to her about c-sections vs vaginal delivery. She said people in York for the most part are only trained to deliver vaginally if both are head down. They could both be that way and stay that way through delivery or the 2nd baby could turn causing me to have one vaginally and one by c-section. She said that's the worse case because you're body will be exhausted from the first birth and will have a much longer recovery for the surgery of the 2nd baby. She also said sometimes the first baby is born and the second one goes into distress and it's heart rate lowers causing them to have to do an emergency c-section. Then she said if I go into preterm labor, the c-section will be the best. Then there are the scheduled c-sections, basically if I end up so miserable they may schedule the c-section for the health of both me and the babies. In that case she said that 34 weeks is the key to hold out for. She said recovery and overall scheduled c-sections have the best outcome. There is less infection and you're well rested going into the surgery and there is less stress. Nick keeps saying I should insist on a scheduled c-section. In many ways it would be much easier. She said the babies can turn up until the end. They will have less room to move as the weeks pass but it depends on when my body decides it's had enough. She said in a single pregnancy usually at 34 weeks or so the baby usually assumes position for delivery and they might not make it to assuming the position. She said to pay attention to when I'm having contractions. Contractions can get worse from lack of water, not emptying your bladder enough, too much time on your feet and stress. She said to get used to sitting for as much as I can while I do things. She said I shouldn't be roaming the mall at this point or be on my feet for any length of time. She also said sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop it, your body may not be able to handle the weight anymore and it may not have been anything you did or didn't do. Nick asked about bed rest and she said absolutely not unless I go into preterm labor and it's the only way to keep them in before 34 weeks. She said that is old school thought and bed rest is actually very risky. You can get blood clots that are fatal. It's crucial you move around just make sure there is lots of sitting as well. Good thing is even at 24 weeks, the babies have a chance of survival outside the womb now. The longer they can stay in there the healthier they will be.

Saturday I had three contractions right in a row and it was right after a ligament episode. I was kinda a mess. I thought the ligament pain was done and we needed to get to a youth meeting so I jumped in the shower and the pain started again and then the contractions all in the shower. Nick was taking a nap so he didn't hear me. I couldn't put weight on my right leg and I think I just panicked causing the contractions. Then I get out and had a nosebleed in BOTH sides of my nose. I was thinking seriously.....STOP. lol

I've been having the sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain and pain in my right side. Mom said she'd pay for me to have a pregnancy massage and now I'm at the point where I want to try one. I have that scheduled for the 25th. We'll see how that goes. The lady told me it relaxes the mother and in turn relaxes the babies and can prevent preterm labor. I don't know if she was feeding me a line but the doctor did recommend it as being very helpful.

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