Friday, February 8, 2008

First Contraction

I had my first contraction yesterday morning. It was really strange. I was still in bed and all the sudden my whole belly got tight and hard. It didn't hurt at all which was even stranger. I just laid on my left side until it passed. It lasted about 30 secs or so. I called the docs to ask when I should be concerned and they said if I have 4 in an hour or start having them every 15 mins to call them.

We had our first labor class last night. I was really hoping there would be another couple expecting twins but there wasn't. There are a lot of people in the class and all but 2 are expecting boys. I felt rather ridiculous trying to do the stretching. I can't breath when I bend because it pushing my uterus into my lungs. I didn't realize how much flexibility I've lost either. Nick really wants to get a birthing ball. lol It actually was the most comfortable option for squatting. What a ridiculous scene that was. Pregnant women and their "coach" squatting in different positions. Almost all the women in the class are due April 20th. lol hmmm.....was happened 9 months before? There were a few due in March and the rest were other days in April. We had to go around and introduce ourselves, tell our occupations, due date, sex of the baby, names if we have them picked out, and our biggest concern including birth through when the babies are 18. lol I get all nervous with that stuff. Nick says he does too but you can't tell with him. I get all shaky and red and forget the questions. I was amazed that there was only one couple that didn't know the sex of their baby. Everyone finds out now. I honestly don't know how you'd not know if it's a boy and you have an ultrasound later on. It's pretty obvious!!!

I've gained around 15lbs now which is normal weight gain for a single pregnancy now. I doubt I'm going to gain the 50lbs they talked to me about unless some serious gaining starts happening. I'm anxious to see if the babies are still on track. As long as the babies are on track I don't think they will be concerned. So far they have been taking what they need from me.

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