Tuesday, February 5, 2008

23 Weeks and counting!

I finally felt the girl move from the outside of my belly tonight. It was starting to concern me how much I feel the boy and rarely feel the girl. When I do feel her kick it's very light. Tonight she was kicking like a champ. :) I always feel her very low and many times she puts pressure on my bladder to the point that I have to go to the bathroom right away. She usually moves within a few minutes thank goodness.

Nick and I registered at BabysRUs. That was completely overwhelming. I was glad I got advice from Nancy ahead of time. There is so much stuff and lots of choices for everything. Nick and I have no clue. lol The employees there told us to register for more than we think including formula and diapers because you'll get coupons for the things you register for. I was surprised that Nick was picking all kinds of stuff....I was freaking out with him and that scanner. He was out of control. lol

I'm getting anxious again for the next ultrasound. Feb 12th. I really want to know how these babies are laying. I think they still move a lot though. They will measure my cervix on the ultrasound again and hopefully it will still be in good shape. I wish the docs appts and the ultrasounds weren't in the same week. It seems like so long in between. I want to know everything is okay, more often. My twin books say I should be going every 2 weeks after 20 weeks to be checked and the docs I go to won't increase it unless there is a problem. They say that because you also get an ultrasound, that's someone seeing you twice a month. The docs appts and ultrasounds have always been a few days apart which seems kinda silly to me. I still don't feel comfortable with all these different docs and it makes me nervous that they treat my high risk twin pregnancy the same as all the others. I'm looking forward to seeing another doc this time. I'm hoping I get to speak this time and ask some questions. I'm going to try and get Nick to go along. He's good at asking questions and supporting me that way. He's also been very helpful and thoughtful with me since it's been much harder for me to do simple things.

Bending over to pick things up can be difficult. the way down isn't bad. It's getting back up. lol My socks are getting harder and harder to put on. I wish it was flip flop weather. lol But then I'd have to somehow paint my toes. I would love to get a pedicure about now. Mom said she'd pay for me to get a pregnancy massage but I'm still scared to call and schedule it. I don't know why but I feel weird with someone touching me. Nick just said it better be a woman. Well duh...but even some strange woman touching me seems strange. The more I hurt though the more I am changing my mind. The doc told me it could really help. I've been loading on the cocoa butter and so far I haven't seen any stretch marks. I'm afraid to say that too soon though because I'm sure I have lots of stretching to go. I do have that strange line down the center of my belly. I read about it and they have some long fancy name for it but it's where your abdomen muscles separate to allow room for the growing uterus. Pretty crazy. It's a mystery why that changes your pigment but they say it shows up in darker skinned women more often. My belly button is pushing out and my belly is nice and tight like a brand new volleyball only bigger. I pretty much have realized that my body is no longer my own. Babies have taken it hostage. Hormones do some crazy things. My feet are bigger I swear. My shoes are tight. I told Nick this and he didn't believe me. It's not just an excuse for new shoes. I've been wearing my clogs every day anyhow but I know people who say their feet grow a shoe size and don't return after pregnancy. That would stink, I like my shoes and we can't afford to replace them. :( Heartburn is showing up everyday now. The preview for the Ben Stiller movie about throwing up in your mouth isn't near as funny to me anymore. Laying down makes it worse but I can't prop up and sleep on my side. It's quite the dilemma. Getting in and out of bed has become a sport. There is an exact way it must be done to prevent ligament freak out. I have to have everything available for the night. Heating pad, tylenol, belly wedge, extra pillows to prevent rolling and for between my knees, water, eye drops because I can't take my dry eye medicine now and of course saline drops for my nose since I get so stuffed up. I rotate from left side to back. Left side is supposed to be the best for the babies. It allows the babies to access the most oxygen and nutrition. I lay that way until my hip starts to ache then I switch to my back until I start throwing up in my mouth or my back hurts, then back to the side again. My ultrasound tech said I won't be able to lay on my back for long because the weight of the babies with cut off my blood flow and I'll pass out if I do. She said doing what is comfortable is usually best for the babies and the only thing that will eventually be comfortable will be left side laying. Believe it or not I do get some enjoyment out of this most times. I feel the babies kick a lot when I'm still before I FINALLY fall asleep. lol Physically I've just been really tired. I slept 12 hrs last night. I don't remember turning my alarm off. I'm still making two trips to the bathroom at night. The trips seem more urgent now then before. lol My legs and belly are red like they are sunburned. Blood flow going crazy. I can always feel my own heart beating in my chest. I've had low blood pressure so far which is really good. Hope it stays that way. I've not had much of an appetite though. I thought by now I'd eat a lot. I have a lot of feeling sick in my stomach days still but at least they no longer lead to throwing up. I get dizzy spells when I stand too long. I just don't know how I'll feel day to day. My back has been hurting more and more but not lower back as much as my rib area. I'm really thankful I haven't had too much pain that way. And THANK THE LORD I haven't had long episodes of the ligament pain lately. I get sharp pain every now and again but it only has been lasting minutes instead of hours. At this point I feel pregnant for sure but I'm not miserably uncomfortable and that I'm thankful for! I can still laugh at most of it.

I'm starting to have crazy dreams of things happening and Nick not being around. Then I wake up panicked. I do need to get more comfortable calling the docs and asking questions. I did this past week and they did put my mind at rest.

We start our child birth/baby care classes this Thursday. I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully that will answer a lot of my questions. I started reading another twin book that my mom got me that has been really good.

Time for bed.

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