Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Moving Belly

I'm seriously getting a kick out of this moving belly of mine. It makes me laugh. The boy is kicking harder and harder. I had Nick feel and he kinda got freaked out by it, it gave him the chills. lol He said it was weird like he's not only kicking now but sliding his arms or legs along my belly. He's been getting up into my ribs too. At this point i can stretch and make it feel better. They both kept me up last night moving around. I don't know why but the girl has always been much more subtle. At my last ultrasound it wasn't that she wasn't moving because she was moving just as much as he was. For some reason he seems to kick to the outside of my belly and I feel her kicking lightly towards the inside against my organs. I'm curious how they are positioned now. Nick did finally get to feel her kick but you have to be very still and hope your hand is in the right spot. With him you can SEE where to put your hand and he kicks many times in the same spot so he's easy to catch.

I started drawing my tree on the wall in chalk. I have to wait for Nick to be home to work on it since I'm on a ladder. I'm anxious to paint it and get things moving. I've been working a lot on freelance now and I haven't had any free time to do anything. I'm still sleeping a lot which doesn't help either. I can still seem to need to get 10-11 hrs of sleep at night. I woke up this morning starving. I still feel sick on the first thing I eat in the morning. If I could take naps I could better manage the long period without food but I've never been able to nap. It should be interesting to see how I do once the babies get here.

I went to the dentist for a cleaning yesterday and they were all excited about the twins. I'm beginning to learn that scheduling appts is going to be interesting. I never really had to worry about it before. When do I schedule appts during the day? What will I do with two babies? Can't exactly bring them to the dentist. lol Mom said I just have to line up people to watch them.

I still have this sinus infection so I'm going to try another kind of antibiotic and hoping that will kick it.

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