Monday, January 28, 2008

Hospital Tour, More Episodes & a Moving Belly

Thursday we had the ole hospital tour. I was anxious to see what it was like. Nick was impressed with how much they explained. It was an hour tour with a bunch of big bellied women walking every where. Was kinda a funny site to see. It's interesting how women carry differently. There were all shapes and sizes of belly. I felt huge for 21 weeks...but they all had one baby in there. We were told where to go when we are in labor. South elevators to the 4th floor and the emergency room if we feel it's urgent. (who doesn't feel it's urgent?) Anyhow, they check you to see if you're dilated and depending on how many much they may send you home again or send you to a labor room. The labor rooms and maternity rooms all have a place for the baby. Healthy and "of weight" babies are with the mothers in her room. I thought that was really nice. There is also chairs/couches that pull out into beds for the "support person". They talked about all the accommodations they have in the labor room for all the different positions women like for labor. I was getting a kick out of watching Nick's face. Birthing balls, stirrups, and other things that sounded interesting. lol We saw where the recovery was for c-sections. This area was not near as nice. A big room with curtains to divide the beds. We went to see the NICU (intensive care) entrance. On the wall in the hallway were success stories of preemies who are now older. We saw 4 kids from our church on there. Two sets of twins from the same family. I started feeling sad thinking about how mostly likely our babies will end up in there and not in the room with us. If they are under 5 lbs, they will be in the NICU. It kinda stuck with me the whole tour thinking about it. We are really blessed that York Hospital has one of the best NICU's in the area. I also know they took very good care of Jacob, our friends son who was born at 30 weeks. We'd love for them to be born at a healthy weight. I know it can happen but I also am trying to be realistic in what I've been told and how the babies will run out of room to grow towards the end and I don't have a lot of extra room to give them. Nick has accepted that they will have to be there. Right now the babies are right on track. They are both the size of a normal single pregnancy. Around 28 weeks they say that changes with twins and they will then measure and weigh less. We pray for their health and that they will be born healthy every day and that's all we can do. We know God loves them more then we do and he's got their delivery already planned, we just have to trust Him.

This ligament is not cooperating in the stretching of my belly. I've never really experienced intense pain like it before. When it strikes there is nothing I can do to make it feel any better. Friday morning it woke me at 5 and lasted 3 hours this time. It hurt so bad I just cried the whole time. I would have taken the pain medicine had I had it filled. I still don't feel comfortable taking something that strong though. I felt bad for Nick. There is nothing he can do but watch. Afterwards it leaves me exhausted and sore for at least a day. I had another episode last night that lasted only an hour thank the Lord. We tried something different this time. I sat up in a chair beside the bed with pillows behind me with my heating pad. It still is very painful but sitting up prevents the extra pulling it takes to lay back. I don't know if it made the episode shorter or not but I'll try it again. I can endure an hour without breaking down in tears, it's the 2-3 hour ones that break my will and make me feel completely helpless and frustrated. I've heard so much advice that it's starting to frustrate me. There is no amount of breathing, tylenol or heating pads that make it better. It's not sore muscles, it's the ligament. We're just praying the episodes don't last longer or happen more often as time goes on. Is this prep for labor or what?

This is the fun part. Now 22 weeks pregnant, I can see things moving in my belly. I was sitting at Youth Group with the kids last night and the boy was kicking, I looked down and my shirt was moving. Hannah sitting beside me saw it too. It was during the lesson and it was killing me not to be able to show Nick. He was across the room. I feel the girl kick too but hers are much softer and she tends to kick at my organs while he kicks the outside of my belly. I'm anxious for another ultrasound but it's not until Feb 12th.

I got referrals for a massage therapist and chiropractor from my doctor. I've heard massages can do wonders. I haven't had much back pain considering. I have pain in the middle left side of my back more then the lower back. I also know when to wear my support. I usually have pain under my belly though from the weight and the support helps.

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