Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baby CPR & The Stomach Flu?

Monday we had a baby CPR class which was really good. i took adult CPR at my work before and it's very much the same only you use 2 fingers on a tiny chest. We practiced and they gave us lots of info. They talked to us about having to retrain our parents with some of the newer research. They talked to us about SIDs and even though they don't know the exact causes why some babies don't arouse themselves to breath, there are ways to reduce the risk. Premies can stop breathing on their own in general so it's especially important for them. Ways to reduce the risk are: 1. Infants must sleep on their backs 2. Don't over-clothe your baby 3. Keep baby from getting sick by making people wash their hands before holding them and keeping everything they come in contact with clean. 4. Baby's crib should have a firm mattress with no quilts, pillows, bumpers or toys. (now that I already have 2 bumpers) When swaddling make sure they are swaddled under the arm pits so the blanket can't get to their face. She said the same thing about sleep positioners, to make sure the cushions are under the arm pits. 5. Don't expose babies to tobacco smoke and 6. Breast feed when possible for their immune systems. We had 2 teachers for the class and the one works in the NICU so it was nice to get the "premie" info from her. When we told her we were having twins she said then most likely she would be seeing us in the future. She was really nice and helpful.

We got info on car seats too. Any car seats older than 6 years shouldn't be used. No after market products should be used such as head rests, harness covers, padding or liners. Never use a seat that's been in a crash. (they even said not to used any used seats but ours we know where it came from) Have base installed by a car seat safety tech. They gave us info on that. The rear center position is safest but with two babies that's a little difficult. Do not use suction cup sun shades only static ones if any. (now that we have them lol) Use only soft toys made of cloth in the car. Dress babies in normal clothes with no bulky clothing and then once they are strapped in cover them with a blanket. She reminded us of how our purse falls off our shoulder when we have a bulky coat on...the same thing happens with their shoulder straps. They want the straps snug against their shoulder. Oh and the car seat shouldn't mover more than an inch. Are we gonna remember all this???

They take the practice dummies and peel their faces off and clorox them. I'm glad too because that night I started feeling sick in my stomach and then at 1:30 began vomiting. Nick and I used the same baby dummy during class, so I hope he doesn't get it. I didn't realize how miserable it would be to have the stomach flu at 27 weeks pregnant with twins. When I throw up the contractions start and the babies aren't happy about it either. They kick and carry on afterward. It was the strangest thing because I could get mild foods like toast down but not liquids. Soon as I'd drink more than a sip, I'd start gagging. I was concerned about getting enough liquids to keep me from having contractions. Ice pops pretty much were the solution. Nick kept telling me to call the doctor and they said as long as I can keep ice pops down and not have more then 4 contractions in an hour I'd be okay. I have had more than 4 but they have always stopped shortly after so I've let it go. Being sick this time and the added aches and throwing up has made me wanna stay home until all these viruses stop going around. I'm so exhausted, dizzy and weak. I'm ready to get over it already, so I can eat and drink again regularly.

Last night it was funny, Nick made me a soft boiled egg and toast to try and I was in bed with the bowl on my belly and the babies started kicking so much that they knocked the glass bowl off my belly. I caught it but it made me realize how strong they are getting. They react to you now too. If I feel a foot I can move it around and I usually get a few kicks back when I press on them. The girls head was sticking out from under my ribs yesterday and that was an odd feeling. It also looks weird to see my stomach morphing into different shapes as they move. lol

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