Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Care Class & 28 week tests

I debated on whether to go to the Baby Care class since I'd been feeling so bad but I felt like I was good enough and I'm glad I went because it brought my spirits up. I'm not sure if I had the stomach flu or if I was throwing up and sick from nasal drainage. I've never thrown up that much drainage before and once I start throwing up I can't seem to stop until I get all my food up. I went to the doctor today and she told me another medicine to try that's safe when pregnant. I REALLY miss my allergy meds and I realize how much they help me now when I can take full dosages.

The Baby Care class was awesome. The woman teaching it was older woman who was hilarious and she has been a nursery nurse for many years. At the start of the class, the girl beside me started having contractions 2 mins apart so the teacher kindly told her to GO to the hospital. She's not due until April 21st and has already had her contractions stopped several times. Some of the things we learned were the same as the other class. We learned about SIDS again and ways to prevent it. I know before these classes I tended to agree with the opinion that they make a bigger deal out of things now-a-days than they did for our generation and yet somehow we survived. But now that I've met two of the people who work with babies full time at York Hospital and I've changed my mind. The CPR teacher who works in the NICU, as well as this long time nurse made me realize how far things have come. I knew this before but when you think about your own babies being born at a vulnerable state, it makes even more sense. Babies at only 24 weeks are survivable outside the womb now and survival rates of premature babies are WAY up from when we were born. It's amazing what they can do now. Cases of SIDS are way down as well. So whether we're hyper sensitive about baby care now-a-days or not, the facts are LESS babies are dying, more are surviving and these people know what they are talking about. It was interesting to hear the older lady talk about going through the transitions over the years...from laying babies on their bellies to their backs. I know that if our babies are in the NICU we will get LOTS of training on how to care for them before they can come home. She showed us how to give babies a bath, passed around the circumcision tools, watched a video, changed a diaper and swaddled a stuffed animal. I talked to the lady afterwards about cloth diapers and I always get the crazy look when I ask like I'm nuts. But I asked her her opinion. She said they will more likely get diaper rash and she suggests using disposable over night and when you may not be able to change them right away. She said the disposable pull the moisture away from them and it gels so it's not irritating their skin. She also said there is the argument that the water, energy and soap used can equal the cost of the diapers. I'm not sure about that theory but we'll see. She said she doesn't miss cloth at all because the disposable is so much easier and faster. She said the diaper genies may work to hold the cloth until you're ready to do wash but since right now we're planning on using both kinds, I'm not sure how that would work. I will wait and see how things go.

I spent all day at the docs and at the hospital but I wanted to get everything taken care of at once. I had blood drawn for anemia, diabetes and got my RH Negative shot. They forgot to have me drink the stuff for the diabetes test so I asked about it and got it done before I left. The RH Negative shot I'll get at least 2 more times, before and after birth and if there would be any bleeding in the meantime. I keep reminding Nick about it so he remembers if I don't because they seem to forget. It's rare and with seeing different docs all the time it can easily be overlooked.

I go to the docs on the 14th to meet a new doctor and hopefully they will have results of all the tests. Next ultrasound is the 19th!

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