Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nick felt our boy kick!

Last night as we were waiting in the docs office, the boy was kicking pretty consistently in one spot so I had Nick see if he could feel it and he could even through a thick sweatshirt. It seems with twins everything happens early. My books say I should just now be feeling them kick and I did at 15 weeks. Then they say another few weeks before Dad can feel them from the outside and at 20 weeks he can. I suppose there is less cushioning in there.

I broke down and went to the family doctor after having this cold for a week and sore ribs from coughing. He said my lungs sound okay but that I had a nasty sinus infection. So I'm on amoxicillin antibiotic. I'm hoping that works because pre-pregnancy it never did, I'd always have to get something else. I'm not sure what all is safe to take antibiotic wise during pregnancy. I just hope this works. He warned me it would most likely take the whole 10 days to get rid of. Benadryl is giving me some sleep at night. :) I can't take sudafed. :( It makes my heart race. I was up at 2am sketching out ideas for the nursery. lol The goal is to find a creative way to keep costs down and still have something neat. Mom ordered us 2 cribs from Target and I'm excited about that. It will give us an idea of space in the room. The room is only 10 x 10 so it's gonna be tight. I have a feeling one crib with 2 babies is gonna be in our room for the first few months. Nick doesn't think that's necessary but I do. I want to wake up and be able to see them, otherwise I could see myself sleeping in the nursery on a chair.

I've stopped reading the regular pregnancy books and have focused on my 2 twin books. The regular ones just depress me by saying how awesome I should feel in the second trimester. I don't. I'm exhausted, short of breath, still nauseous on and off and frustrated by what no longer is easy. I suppose if I skipped to the third trimester chapter it would make more sense to me. The twin books are much more accurate with how I'm feeling and should be feeling now. People ask me when I'm due like it's any minute now. lol In stores, I see the eyes go to the belly and they make room for me or let me go first. I asked if AC Moore had round frames and the lady told me to stay there while she looked. It's kinda weird to me but nice. I mean to I look that huge and incapable of moving. lol It's nice to see people in York can be nice sometimes. lol

The good ole round ligament pain is not letting up. I haven't been able to stand today without sharp pain. I'm thankful that sitting gives me relief since the first episode I couldn't find a position that relieved it. I weighed 113lbs at the doctor last night so I've gained 13 so far. I don't have an appetite with this cold. I actually weighed a few pounds more before it hit. I'm trying to eat regardless of feeling like it. If I had access to a soft ice cream machine, I'd be in heaven. Frosties from Wendy's and mixed cones are my favorite right now. If I can get rid of this pain today, I might just have to make a special trip for my ice cream fix.

Other good news.........Nick FINALLY agreed on a girls name!!! That was starting to stress me out. He liked 2 and nothing else and didn't like anything I did. I was about shocked when I mentioned this one and he said he liked it. We had two boy names picked before we knew what we were having. It was really easy, we both agreed and liked them right away and even when we found out there was one boy, we both agreed on the name it would be. Now for middle names........

Oh and we're not telling anyone names because I want something to be a surprise when they are born. I don't know how Nick will hold out. He let one slip already to Jeremy and Nancy. He's not the best in the world with secrets, but I'm glad about that most times. :)

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