Monday, January 14, 2008

20 week Ultrasound-doubled in size (them and me)


These babies were acting crazy this time. I don't know if it's because I ate before the appointment or if they are just that much more active. The girl now weighs 12 ozs and the boy 13 ozs. They are about 7 inches long from crown to rump. There were hands and feet every where this time, it was harder to tell what was what. The boy was sitting on the girls head at one point, Nick said that was a glimpse of the future. lol The girl did a very acrobatic headstand. The boy stretched himself out into the middle of my belly which I didn't realize he could do. They have stayed on the same sides like they said they would but they are hardly in the same positions. The girl was head down most of the time and the boy was head up and side ways. I definitely feel him kick a lot more but it isn't because the girl isn't moving. Karen said it may just have to do with how they position themselves. I get lots of taps from the boy after meals and after watching them today I understand why. He was kicking at the ultrasound thingy. It was amazing to see how they've filled out and their bones are much more defined and white on the ultrasound. Very cool. I was a little worried with all the coughing I've been doing but the doc said as annoying as the cold is to me, they are doing great. Praise the Lord! Nick asked to make sure the girl was a girl. lol So we got the official picture of that. Their profiles are more defined now and Nick and I both said their feet are so cute. We didn't get any pics of them but they are less skeleton looking and very cute. We didn't get video this time either but it really was much easier last time to keep track of who was who.....this time they were all over the place and it was hard to keep track of. They looked at their hearts closer this time since they are more developed and she said they both look great! Their bellies are nice and round, the boys being a little bigger. They said they are right on track development wise and size wise. They also measured my cervix and it's still long the way it should be. They look at that to make sure there isn't signs of preterm labor. So all was well.......and I can't say enough how seeing those little babies encourages me to press on. I'm getting huge. Didn't I say that before? Huger? and I know I'm gonna continue to say it with more and more seriousness. I broke down and wore my support belt which does help when I'm standing, it helps my belly feel like it's not pulling me down. lol it's not the most flattering thing let me tell you.

I love this one of the boy. You can see his face really well, It's a 3/4 view, his nose and chin are really defined and he's got his left arm up at his head.

Boy's hand. :)

Boy's Profile

Girls Profile

Girl xrated view...cute cheeks. lol

Girl doing a headstand. :)

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