Monday, January 23, 2012


{while I'm unloading the dishwasher I hear this}
{Luke peeking in at Taylor in their play tent}
Luke: Did you decide to change your attitude yet?
Taylor: {grunt}
Luke: Guess not. We'd have more fun if your attitude was happy Taylor.
Taylor: {grunt}
Luke: Okaaaaaaaay, I'll check back later.


{Luke had to go sit in the bathroom because he was screaming and throwing a fit because he couldn't draw his lion the way he wanted it, wow! Anyhow, after getting things straightened out and playing for a bit, he comes running up to me with a suspicious smile...}
Me: What are you up to?
Luke: Look at my smile Mommy! I changed my attitude!
Taylor: {jumping up and down, clapping} YAY LUKE!
Luke: I'm choosing to be happy now. :)
{must be the day for attitudes needing changed.}


{Today I thought I'd try teaching the kids how to spell some 3 letter words, I had a picture of a dog and before I even got the letters out for them...}
Luke: I know how to spell DOG Mom.
Me: You do? How?
Luke: D-O-G...{then he uses the phonic sounds} See Mom, I already know how to spell it! :)
Me: When did you learn that?
Luke: You taught it to me in the car, remember Mom?
{I remember he figured out how to spell DIG when we were watching the digging of our basement...but I don't remember....glad their memory is WAY better than mine!}
I was really surprised how many words they could spell by just sounding them out. Pretty cool. :)

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