Wednesday, May 18, 2011


{first day in big girl panties, Taylor comes back from the peeing in the potty}
Taylor: {whining} Mommy, Luke didn't say "Good job." to me.


{Kids were eating watermelon for dessert after lunch and because Taylor takes forever to eat, Luke was done with 3 slices and Taylor was just getting hers}
Luke: Taylor, can you please gimme a bite?
Taylor: Okay, here you go Luke.
Luke: Oh Thank you. Mommy, Taylor shared her watermelon with me!!! {big cheese}
Me: Aww you're such a nice sister Taylor.
Taylor: I love my brother. :)


Taylor: Hey Luke, can you come here and move the couch for me. I wanna sit down and read a book. {she was talking about their little couch}
Luke: Okay, Taylor, I'll help you.

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