Tuesday, May 17, 2011


{Kids were taking a bath tonight and they were pouring water back and forth in cups}
Luke: I'm getting you and your camels water.
Taylor: Oh, Thank you Luke!
Luke: Camels drink LOTS of water, don't they?
Me: Who are you pretending to be Luke?
Luke: Rebecca.
{Genesis 24:18-20}


Taylor: Luke could you please help me carry this?
{Luke was already carrying a snack cup, milk and his lambie}
Luke: I'm sorry Sissy, I don't have enough hands.
Taylor: Oh goodness.


Yesterday, Luke kept singing " I will follow" by chris tomlin among bits and pieces of other worship songs that he's picking up like crazy and he kept saying "I'm a servant of the Lord!" I'm not sure where he got that from but he's serious about it. :) ♥

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