Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Head on Collision :( and SINGING

First real head on collision today with Luke and Taylor. I'd say that's pretty good since they've been walking for almost 8 months. I was sitting in front of the couch and Luke was hiding behind one side and Taylor hiding behind the other. They would run behind and then come running out at me and say BOO and jump into my arms. Luke decided to go to Taylor's side of the couch and BANG! Two bright red foreheads. It was all fun and games.......until.... :(

Then they both cry...and get up to hug me...(it knocked them both down flat)...then Luke gives Taylor a mean look like it was some how her fault. He didn't appreciate sharing a hug with me either.

On another note. Both Luke and Taylor were singing TRACTOR TRACTOR this morning as well as PATTY CAKE PATTY CAKE. Last night Nick and I were doing RING AROUND THE ROSY with them and they were both saying ASHES ASHES! :) Luke didn't always wanna hold Taylor's hand...stinker.

Taylor also was saying MONKEY JUMPIN MONKEY JUMPIN while hanging me the 5 LITTLE MONKEY book. SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

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Steph said...

They sound exactly like my girls! Both the head-on collision, one wanting to hold hands less than the other, and the singing!