Friday, December 18, 2009

Boo Boos & Lots of Words

I scratched my hand on a corner and I said "Ouch!" Taylor said, BOO BOO and kissed my hand. She then immediately had a boo boo on her hand, saying OUCH and insisting I kiss it. :) Now she says Ouch and Ow every time she falls and boo boo and has to at least show me.

It's crazy how many new words Luke and Taylor have been saying over the past couple days. Everything is....."It's a ...." (izz a....) and "Where's the..." and now they are putting "A" and "The" (da) in front of things.

Taylor said "Good Morning" this morning.

After I talked to my dad on the phone and told them who it was....Luke started saying "Pa-pee"...It's so cute because Taylor obnoxiously yells it "PAAAAAAAAAAAAA---PEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" and Luke and all quiet....."pa-pee".

I got a Little People Nativity set and I showed them the angel and Luke keeps getting it and saying, Angel.

They are repeated a lot of words we say as well. Very cute.

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Kristen Kay said...

Hey Robin! I don't know your e-mail, so I figured this is probably the best way to contact you. I'm bummed the Sterner Family Christmas has been postponed! Darn snow. Anyway, I want to talk to you about your amazing design skills - and you can probably guess why. :) My e-mail is I know with Christmas next week things will be hectic, but maybe after the Christmas craziness winds down we could get together? Let me know. Stay warm this weekend!