Friday, October 9, 2009

Still Sick...But Still Precious

Took LT back to the docs today after another sleepless night and fevers. Turns out Taylor now also has an ear infection so she's on antibiotic. She'll be happy about this because she was NOT happy about Luke getting the yummy pink stuff and not her. One day when I was giving it to him she was "MOOOOOORRRROOOORRRRRRREEEE" ing and PEEEEEEEEEEZZZZING and when she didn't get any she threw herself to the floor screaming. So she's excited she gets some now too. {sigh} ((Lord have mercy)) Anyhow...Luke's pink eye hasn't cleared up with the antibiotic so now he's also getting eye drops. You'd seriously think you're trying to kill them, they way they act about them. I also picked up some Motrin which the doc said should knock them out for 6-8hrs. Can I get an AMEN? Mommy seriously needs sleep. It's been a LONG 2-1/2 weeks.

On a lighter adorable is it that Taylor has her hands crossed tonight when I walk in the dining room with dinner and she says, "LET'S PRAY!"

In a book they have it says......"When you pray God will listen" and their is a picture of a girl and dolls praying. Luke and Taylor were looking at the book on their own without me reading it aloud (kinda sharing for a second) and when they got to that page, I saw out of the corner of my eye that they dropped the book...and looked at each other, I look over and they both had their hands folded to pray and had big cheesy smiles on their faces.

I also glanced over yesterday and saw Luke laying his head on Taylor's belly and her petting his hair. {Then he started to hit her, she screamed...but it was cute for a few seconds}

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Lani said...

Mine are the same way with medicine= they all want it! Hope things clear up soon:) They sound like such cuties!