Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sickness Continued + All 4 Molars for Luke

I understand now how hard it is for a mommy to watch a sick baby. Luke got really miserable yesterday. Crying, whiny and wanting held constantly. He had a fever even being on Motrin. I was concerned and called the doc on call. We did get it down to 101 by taking clothes off and wiping him down with a washcloth. The doc said if it gets to 105 or 6 to call him back or if he's still hanging onto the fever by Monday to bring him in again. Thank goodness for applesauce. It's the biggest hot right now with both Luke and Taylor. Nick and I prayed over Luke last night...I was concerned his fever would get worse over night. After the Motrin was up in Luke's system, we gave him Tylenol and he got MUCH better. It brought his fever down. Wondering if it works better for him. Both Luke and Taylor were up a lot last night again. I was up probably a total of 10 times between them. I'd go in, they'd be crying and standing....I'd calm them down, check for fever, give them more Tylenol if it was time and lay them back down. I noticed today that Luke is getting ALL FOUR MOLARS at once! No wonder the poor guy is miserable. I'm exhausted. So ready for them to feel better. I miss church. I'm so glad they are better fever wise today. Thank you Lord. Taylor is blowing snot bubbles today which is yummy....but I'd much rather than then the fevers. I also noticed the injection area from her shots is red and swollen. I'll call the doc about that Monday if it doesn't look better. I don't think there's anything they or I can do for that. We'll see. Praying things improve from here on out. :)


Mighty M said...

Hope you are feeling better soon - we have had a sick one this weekend too! Hoping the rest of us are spared!!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Hope everyone feels better soon!