Monday, May 25, 2009

Diaper Tricks and Don't hurt my Mommy

This morning I woke to TWO blow out diapers and cat puke on the carpet. Happy Memorial Day! lol I thought this was a fluke but not so much now. Night before last Luke slept in a diaper. I was heading to bed and I always sneek in to pray over them and watch them sleep before I go to bed. Well Luke's diaper was undone and the tab was broken. I changed him carefully and kept him from fully waking up. Then this morning the blow out happened. Turns out the same side of the diaper was pulled loose. Today...when I changed him I noticed the tab once again was broken. Tonight......we saw him pulling at that side of the diaper. So seems the boy can undo his diaper through a onsie. STINKER! Do I need to use duck tape?

Nick and I enjoy UFC. Yes, me too. Nick was a boxer in college and he LOVES it, loves it. I enjoy watching as long as it's a good fight. I don't enjoy one person being pounded over and over until the ref calls it. I can't watch those endings. Anyhow...Nick and I "fake" fight. We always have. I try and throw punches/kicks and Nick always blocks them. Well when we got married my dog didn't appreciate these interactions. He still doesn't like it. He barks. Well Taylor doesn't like her Mommy being messed with either. We have to watch how we goof around in front of her. Luke laughs at us but Taylor does NOT like it. She cried til I held her and glared at her Daddy. Sweet girl.


Joan said...

lol My Luke has been doing that as well... in fact yesterday while playing in the back yard, he was pulling on this one side. I had not had any broken as of yet.. but he's working on it.

I just hope you don't find any explosive diapers thrown out of the crib =)

Abbi said...

you do need some duck tape!!!! i think that's what i would!!!
we watch ufc too! i love it!!! it's really hard for me to stay up that late, but i really enjoy wathcing it!