Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Day in the Life of LT ~ Park ~ May 20 2009

I had trouble picking a favorite shot for the first one but this is pretty adorable.

Arriving at the park...I love this stroller now that I have the hang of it. The only beef I have is the sun shade comes off sometimes. when you open and close it.


Cheerios are one of the best forms of entertainment.

They LOVE them.

Nick really doesn't like when I "do" Luke's hair...but I think it's cute. :)

Luke loves watching his sissy girl.

what's YOURS is MINE!

This is one of my favorite faces of his.

Finger licking good. lol

Are you serious? No way?

Good Cheerios....

Would you like one??

What's in there anyhow?

...and you thought I was going to feed you. (she often takes it back upsetting him, notice it's still in her hand.)

Hey...I wanted that one!

Luke protesting a little here.

Soooo big....

Sippy break.

The grass is always greener...


She giggles at this book.....especially the "puppy dog and the kitty cat"

Notice they switch sippy cups to make sure they aren't missing anything

She loves the wind in her hair.

...and again.

Luke...what are you doing with's mine.

Luke spitting raspberries......he's such a boy! (notice Taylor's expression)

Love this expression.

Loving the piggie tails. They are so "Taylor"

Hey......she's MY mommy.

Taylor often will sit up against him like this.

I wanted that Cheerio. :(

Hey, I'm talking to you!

It's like she's flaunting it.

Love the reflection in his eyes in this shot.

Not happy about him stealing again.

He loves looking trees, sky and birds.

Notice her pushing her butt into him..........this is NOT by accident.

Taylor loves her new shoes. So much that they look yummy and she tries to chew on them...well she does chew on them and she got caught.

She REALLY wanted to chew on them and NO wasn't what she wanted to hear.

Love the lip.

She tries see if her fit worked.

Really mad now....shaking the shoe in her hand. lol
(me trying not to laugh)

But it's so yummy looking....

I HATE this dumb shoe!

Sooo not fair.

Waterworks and all...

Luke grabs her other shoe.......what's the big deal with these shoes?

Luke still loving the sky

All better.

Cheerios work wonders.

Striking a pose.

I wonder if the tree wants a sip?

One more walk around before heading home.

Luke was pulling her hair and she was looking back at him. Wonder if she'll ride roller coasters like this? When the stroller is moving her legs they EVER stop kicking?

Tired babies

..........Some shots before we left for the park............

Hello? Is Taylor there?? I love when she plays this game. So cute.

...she even talks...

It's for you Mommy.

My Cheeseballer.

They like looking out the window.

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