Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Under the Pine Tree in Onsies

I'm loving it being warm enough to have them in onsies again. Taylor still fits into some of her 3-6 month ones.

YAY! Happy Luke.

Nosey babies...looking at a neighbor.

I know I'm their mom but I think they are the cutest babies ever.

oooo...a flower....you all know what's about to happen, right?
If you know Taylor you do.
..she loves me, she loves me not....

....smooshed flower.

He's climbing everything now....including me. :)

...And if Luke does it....Taylor must make sure she's not missing somehthing.

Getting their blue steel glare on...lol

Luke's look of determination

He looks like a little man here. :)

I love when she does this...miss cuteness.

Luke so gently playing with the grass....Taylor won't touch it.

I don't know if there's more teeth bothering Luke but he's been chewing.

Hair pulling....a popular pass time. It's funny though...they rarely cry from it so they must not be pulling too hard or else they are used to it now.


Always...pulling, tugging, climbing and crawling on each other.

I put my phone down....it was a race to grab it. :)

This boys eyes are killer....he'll fool you into thinking he's so innocent. HAH! Then he throws one of his fits. lol

She'll play with one blade of grass but the whole bunch is just yucky!

He loves draw strings.


Anonymous said...

With or without the hats....adorable!

Abbi said...

soooo cute!!! i love there eyes!!! they're gettin sooo big!

Wendy said...

Oh, yes. We deal we hair pulling too. They always have a fistful of each others hair! But my boys cry....
They are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh that looks like such a fun age!!! Can't wait!!! They are just precious!