Monday, April 27, 2009


After breathing treatments....continued, then extended breathing treatments...Luke still sounded the same and the doctor said to stop them and see how Luke does. He isn't really better and isn't really worse. He just sounds congested and he's snoring loud at night. You can hear him breathing harder when he's eating or laying. Talked to the doc today and he said to try giving him 1/2 teaspoon of Zyrtec at night time and see how he is. If he's not better by Friday, he wants to see him. I've been thinking allergies since it's just not going away like a cold and frankly mine have been icky with the weather changing. We don't have health insurance until May 1st (fingers crossed cause we don't have final word on that although it was charged to our credit card already) and the big premium we paid Nick said might not be enough because of Taylor's reflux and my asthma. Are you serious? I mean, yes I do have asthma but it's well controlled on Singulair and I rarely have to use my inhaler. And Taylor is all but weaned off of her reflux meds. Least we think she's heading that way....she's at 1/2 her dose and she's gained weight since. I hardly thought we were high risk? Yo.......well.......what can ya do? Imagine if Luke has allergies.....Nick will be the only clean one. :) I'm hoping this is some sorta weird spell for Luke and he gets cleared up soon!

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I hope he gets better soon too!