Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter 09

We had Easter at Great Grandparents this year. It was Luke and Taylor's first time there. It was so cute to see Great Grandma Risser and Taylor play. They had a ball. Luke was pretty stuffy and wheezy that day but they still had fun and LOVE the dancing bunny Great Grandma got them. Course Taylor tackled it and grabbed it's moving ears. Luke watched for awhile then cautiously touched it's nose. I didn't get easter outfits this year, things are just too tight. These are consignment clothes I had gotten's Taylor's first time wearing tights! :) Taylor is just now fitting into shoes we got from people before the babies were born. A year later these 0-3 Old navy pink shoes fit. Least it is the right season again. :)

I decided to post every ridiculous face he makes when I try to take a pic. :)

Nick, Grandpa Bair, and Aunt Elena passed out. And to think...the babies didn't nap. lol

He's loves to crawl.

Taylor learned about Billy Graham.

This face of Taylor's cracks me up...she does it all the time. It's her smile but I'm about to cry whiny face.

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