Friday, April 17, 2009

Catch Up Random Photos from March

This is one of my fav pics of Taylor. Her hair is so punk after having a ponytail the day before. lol I swear looking at these pics they have changed since them.

Crawling up on me...both Luke and Taylor tug at my legs and climb me.

I'm realizing how many of my pics have baskets of laundry...never ending.

Luke pulling Taylor down...course she crawls over him all the time.

This is the calmest I've ever seen her hair. A bath in the morning and come cool shot hair drying. :) She LOVES air in her hair and face!

My cutie patootie.

This is when he used to sit still while I fed Taylor. Those days are long gone.

Hannah with LT a few days before she left for boot camp.

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Joan said...

I LOVE Taylor's hair ! Hilarious! And my Luke has that exact same Gap onsie.. like yourself I got mine from the outlet =) I can't bare paying fill price for baby clothes, they grow too fast!