Sunday, March 15, 2009


The last 2 nights have gone well. A few coughing wake ups but nothing like before. Taylor seems much better. She's acting more like herself and he eye looks normal again. She's eating better today too. Luke is still really congested and not wanting to eat. I have to make him laugh to get his mouth open...poor boy. He stopped having the diarrhea though, which I'm glad. The breathing treatments are going well. Luke isn't a huge fan but he's tolerating them and not flipping out like the first two times. He gets a temper when we wants to. Wow. He can be a handful of fighting chunk. I'm hoping he gets his appetite back soon and things get back to normal. I'll tell ya.....I've never in my life sang so much. I think my throat is sore from singing. Singing and talking to them gets them through the breathing treatments...Doe, a deer a female deer.....5 Little Monkeys....Itsy Bitsy Spider......they ought to know them well by now. :)

Luke after his breathing treatment last night. So exhausted. Poor baby.

This was the first breathing treatment...he screamed the whole time...that boy's face gets bright red when he's mad!

I think it's so adorable how Taylor is always so concerned when he cries. Notice Nick is singing. :)

Taylor last night after her breathing treatment.

Here are babies that did NOT want to eat.

Here's Taylor having a good hair day and feeling better. Her eye looks great and you can see she's getting her spunk back.

I love this girl's expressions.

Luke this morning. He's looking better after some sleep...he cracks me up. He was watching me get ready this morning and he'll peek at me from around the bouncer toys and when I look at him he giggles. Over and over. He's got the cutest little gremlin giggle.

Oh and he got a styled dew. :) Can you tell I gave him a bath? Nick just shook his head. :)

Look at those 4 teeth! This face of his cracks me up.

He gets so red in the face while spitting. lol


Abbi said...

glad to hear they're doing better! it's so terrible when they're sick!
my little is very sick right now too!! it's awful....many sleepless nights!

Rachael said...

i am glad they are gradually starting to feel better. i totally noticed that nick was singing before i even read that, lol! i am sure i have said this before, but seriously, i cannot believe those blue eyes your little ones have, they are stunning!

Lea Liz said...

I am so glad they are starting to feel better!! They look so cute in the pictures!!

Aunt Carolyn said...

Hi Robin and Nick, So good to see the cuties having fun outside!! And I love that there are more pics with Nick in them since he's my fav nephew!(that's Jody talk):) Hope the colds are all gone and everyone is sleeping well by now! I also got word that Nick is a great "boxing" preacher!! Love you guys! Aunt Carolyn