Friday, March 13, 2009

Sick Babies Update

This is what happens when I don't get enough sleep. I carried Luke to the living room and left Taylor's bowl on the tray. She started crying as soon as I saw her. This is dumped food but I'll tell ya it doesn't look much different than her thrown up food lately. You can kinda see her icky eye here...if I keep it clean it looks like this...just watery. If I let it go it gets yucky.

Luke cracks me up. He was screaming and crying..and wouldn't swallow his food. I got out the camera....and he smiles. lol I guess he's used to me doing silly things to make his smile. All I have to do is hold up the camera and he cheeses even when he's miserable.

Luke was taking some apple juice from his new sippy. I got them soft transitional training sippy's in hopes to get them use to them. Cracks me up how he was observing it. "Hmmm...wonder how this thing works?"

Thanks for everyone's prayers. :)

Last night Luke got worse and Taylor is seeming to get her energy back. I felt so bad for Luke last night. He was so grouchy and he didn't want to drink his bottle at all, so we mixed it into his cereal which was working the day before...but last night his throat was really sore and he cried every time he swallowed and then stopped swallowing and just let the food in his mouth...screaming and crying. I thought I'd try some applesauce because I wanted him to have something before bed and he could handle the applesauce with out near as much fuss. He's def got a sweet tooth. This is the boy who LOVES grape tylenol.

Last night went better. Taylor only woke me up 3 times with coughing fits and Luke slept like his daddy...snoring included. lol Taylor woke up at 6 am though (they usually get up at 8:30) and didn't fall back asleep, the stinker. She was trying to wake up Luke but he was out until 8. This morning the funniest thing happened. Luke has been so fussy and not wanting to eat and he was all grouchy and then...he farted. Now I'm real good at ignoring this because it happens a lot and I rarely even think about it when I hear it. But Luke giggled. Then he did it two more times and giggled. You can't teach them this boy stuff? We don't laugh at him when he does it. But he amuzed himself. Was funny.

Today they went back to the doctor. Ya's only when you are trying to get some where on a time schedule that they puke and have blowouts. Right before we leave...Taylor had a coughing fit and threw up all over.....change her...try to get her settled cuz she was crying...then Luke starts crying. He's been having diarrhea and had a blowout...had to be changed. I've got it down though...I plan to leave 45 mins before the appointment and then I get there on time and sometimes even early. :) I'm getting the hang of this stroller thing too.

The appointment was for Taylor to check her lungs. The doc said he'd check Luke too. (so I got away with only one copay) :) Anyhow...he said Taylor is sounding great and he laughed and said she certainly looks like she's feeling better than Wednesday. She was in a daze Wednesday and today she was back to herself...hyper...ripping the paper on the exam table. It was cute. Luke was in the stroller watching her and she was making all kinds of racket with the paper....scratching it and slapping it and trying to crumble it and Luke was giggling and giggling at her. He's been so miserable it made me feel good to hear him giggle. He said Taylor sounds MUCH better and to continue the breathing treatments until Sunday. He then checked Luke and it felt like a Norman Rockwell moment. I don't know why I think of this stuff. But it was adorable. This doc is an older gentleman...white hair, reading glasses...very Normal Rockwell. Then there I am holding chubby naked Luke in my arms and the doctor is listening to his chest as I'm holding him and Luke is WIDE eyed staring into the doctors eyes. He smiled at Luke and Luke tucked his head into my chest as if to act shy. Anyhow...Luke has some wheezing too so he said to give Luke breathing treatments as well until Sunday and given how long these things usually last...they should be on the up swing by then.

Taylor's eye is still yucky so he called in prescriptions for both babies to make sure nothing spreads and it clears up. Babies just had their snack and they were crying, coughing and fussy. Taylor threw up again and neither of them wanted their bottles. Applesauce is the best thing it seems right now. I also gave them a little of the Musinex Kids cough syrup the doc said I could give them. The pharmacist said it's better than the Robitussin because it's Grape flavored. I took it to the docs today to make sure it was okay and he said it was. I gave them 1/4 teaspoon to see how they do. Luke was covered in snot...and he kept wiping it all over his I'm hoping that gives him some relief.

I have a bunch of cute pictures to come. (of them before the sickness)

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Heather said...

Praying for both babies to feel better!! Love the pics and we got the same kind of sippy cups for the transition! Blessings!