Monday, March 30, 2009

Stink Bug Anyone?

I've called Taylor stink pot. It seems to fit her well. After this weekend though I'm thinking stink bug might be a fitting name too. Saturday Taylor was strapped into her bouncer watching me get ready in the morning. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed she was chewing. I try to pray her mouth open against her will and at first I pulled out a little black thing. She was still chewing so I forced her mouth open to find a STINK BUG! I quickly swept it out and I naturally screamed for Nick. What I had pulled out the first time was a leg. {gag} It was a big daddy one too and it was flat as a pancake from her chewing on it. I then freaked out to Nick who laughed and thought it was funny. I called poison control to make sure there is nothing poisonous in them. The lady laughed and said you wouldn't believe how many calls they've gotten with stink bugs. She said it's the time of year and they are slow enough for infant to be able to grab. GROSS! She said she might have a sore mouth and just feed her and she should be fine. Lets just say her breath wasn't the greatest and I still gag thinking about it. lol

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Dawn Massey said...

i can not believe that she did that...she is a little stinker!! wow! i would have freaked out too! yuck!! i am so glad she is ok! good to know that they are not harmful, just gross!!