Thursday, March 26, 2009

Solids, Crawling, Patty Cake and So Big

I have a couple FINALLY's.

FINALLY Last night was the first night that the babies ate all normal food. I made them a little sampler. I've been working with them on tolerating bananas at snack time. It cracks me up. I was getting so frustrated with their gagging, coughing and Taylor sometimes even throwing up....then BAM one day they get it. The same bananas as the day before but BOTH of them get the chewing idea the same day. I had been giving them tiny pieces of ripe banana off of my finger how we did the cheerios...then I moved to the spoon. Then I started giving them rice here and there and last night I went all out and gave them a little sampler. Taylor fought Nick a little by being fussy but she ate. She just took her good old time. Luke did really well and he was actually chewing instead of swallowing whole and gagging. He even seemed to enjoy it and finished everything but the chicken. They can keep one tiny piece of chicken in their mouths all night. lol. Hey I'm just happy they were eating everything else. It amazes me how they fought it for so many attempts and then it's like...OH OK...I guess I'll chew this now. I told Nick I was starting to think they were gonna eat applesauce til they were 18. lol I'm also secreting LOVING that they love sweet potato...because I do too and it gives me an excuse to buy them even though Nick doesn't eat them. Now for the sippy cups......

Sweet Potato, Chicken Broccoli Rice, Banana, Applesauce and Chicken.

FINALLY Luke is crawling!!! Not record speed but he is moving FORWARD now. He's getting more motivated and less frustrated. He pushes forward to get to things and is now up on his knees moving forward. He has a fascination with the door. He crawls to it and opens and closes it. He hot himself in the head and today hit Taylor in the head with it. The stinker loves opening and closing it. He gets tired and cries when Taylor takes things from him but it's adorable to see him now crawling to her and trying to take the toys she has. Pay back I suppose. Taylor runs all over him though. She crawls on him and over him. Luke's squealing less when she takes a toy now...he is trying to get it back now.

Another adorable first. I play patty cake a lot of mornings after I feed them their bottle. The other morning I said casually to Taylor. "You wanna play patty cake?" She started clapping all excited. I thought it was just coincidence so I kept asking her and she kept clapping. Adorable. Luke is raising his hands to "so big" pretty consistently too. It's so neat to see them acting out what is being said. Cute. Oh and I can't forget Taylor's sniffing thing. I have some pictures to come of that. She wrinkles up her nose and breaths in and out of her nose so she can hear it. It looks like she's mad when she does it. It's in the video where we tell her NO. Anyhow. She now repeats this as well. If I do it, she will do it. It's funny and cute of course.

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