Friday, March 20, 2009

Pray for the Bowders

Nancy and Jeremy are two of our closest friends. We've been in small groups with them and have met with them as couples. We LOVE them and we're praying hard for them right now. Nancy and Jeremy have a beautiful healthy 2 year old son Jacob. He was born at 30 weeks. It was an early surprise and they endured months of NICU visits before he could come home. God is good and he's doing GREAT and he's an awesome little boy. He's so cute with Luke and Taylor. Very gentle and sweet. Nick has him in his 2-3 year old sunday school class and he says he keeps getting cuter and cuter. Nancy is pregnant again with another little boy, praise God, and she's now at 21 weeks. Nancy has been feeling heaviness and contractions and she spent last night at the hospital. She was monitored and sent home today with doctors orders to take it easy. Please pray with us for this little boy to stay in the womb until at least 34 weeks. I remember this prayer well. Please pray for wisdom for Nancy know when to go to the hospital and for patience and peace for the remainder of this pregnancy. We thank the Lord for Jacob and for the life of this little boy in her womb. Lord, we know you have plans for this little boy too and we look forward to meeting him...but not too soon. :) Thank you!

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Linda said...

I will pray for the Bowders. My grandson had similar issues and is now a healthy 14 yr old, eating Dad out of house and home. My prayer is that the Bowders have a similar experience. I found this due to the fact that I have just learned that my great grandmother's name was Bowders. Her maiden name. It is not a common name. I was wondering if some of the family, when they have time, might email me to see if they might have any information. God Bless. Linda