Thursday, March 5, 2009

Luke's version

There's so many things I could blog about. I just don't have the time when I think of things and the brain to remember what I was going to blog about when I had that thought. lol So many cute things are happening. One of the cutest thing is how they are now grabbing my legs. They pull at my pants and try to climb me., do you know I'm down here?

This video is Luke just a few days ago...right after I filmed Taylor saying Maamaa. I think the reason I never get to posting the video is because they change so quick and then I get new and newer video and never have time to post it. Plus I'll need another hard drive for the video alone. Luke may seem quiet most times but this boy loves to scream and believe it or not I think he can scream at a more piercing decibel than his sister. It's rare, it's usually only with Nick and I but he gets so excited some time he just screams. OR he likes to scream this way when I'm in the echos in there and literally leaves my ears ringing. I took some video of him last night. Nick and I were cracking up.....I won't spoil it........the video will come soon. (I hope)

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Grandma M says, I Love it||