Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holding Hands, Cherrios, Puffs, Pasta, Bananas

Another adorable thing...the babies love to hold hands. It's a twin thing I suppose but it's so cute. Luke usually grabs for Taylor's hand but it goes both ways. Taylor likes petting Luke's hair....we're "working" on being gentle. lol

Trying the table foods. I'm not gonna lie...I'm not really having fun with this. Although it's getting better. Taylor is getting good at getting the cherrios into her mouth. Luke can pick them up but has no desire to lift them to his mouth. He can open his mouth for you to put them in though......stinker. If you try to "help" him or either of them for that matter....they yank their hand away. They don't like being helped. Luke liked the pasta and sauce. They did okay with little pieces of ripe banana but they still don't like new textures. They finally have the hang of puffs and cherrios but put something new in there and they gag and carry on. Good times. I'll tell ya.....the doc said to give them what we're eating at dinner. Does he know how we eat? Ya can't give them a hunk of frozen pizza. lol Guess this means we need to eat better. I like that I know what's in the baby food though. Nothing I can't pronounce...just the veggie, fruit and water for preparation. It also takes forever for them to eat this way......patience's an all afternoon snack event. :) I suppose when they can feed themselves it'll all be worth it. (Then I'll miss feeding them). lol


Lea Liz said...

They hold hands?!? Oh my goodess that is the sweetest thing ever!!!!!! Love it!!

Heather said...

Hi! Your babies are so cute! I love the holding hands.

It's Heather from 3 under 3 with the twins on Alimentum. I'm curious how your daughter is tolerating the finger foods and baby foods. I hope this is something mine outgrow soon.