Monday, March 9, 2009

First Boo Boo

Look how innocent I look?

This is right after it happened. Nick took a picture and was "proud" of Luke's first shiner. Leave it up to a former boxer dad. I was horrified. My baby! He was standing holding onto the exersaucer and he fell...face scraping the edge of it.

That night it looked terrible. Poor boy. He really didn't fuss though. He cried when it happened and then as soon as Nick picked him up he was good.

By the next morning it looked MUCH better. Don't you love these old man PJ's?

Cracking up at mom...this boy is getting some personality...these pictures show it. He also bit me for the first time last night...OUCH. He's learning how to use those teeth of his. He hasn't learned not to bite the hand that feeds him!

yiye yiye yiye yiye...talking up a storm.

Clapping hands....

...and so big

You want some of this?? I'm a tough boy. Check out my shiner. :)

Don't tickle me mom..... lol


Rachael said...

ouch! poor little guy, i bet that hurt. although, it doesn't look like it phased him :)

KAL071203 said...

Aww Robin he is too cute! those red jammies really bring out those big baby blues!

Anonymous said...

Poor boy--too bad you couldn't call Grandma--she would straighten out that old exersaucer.