Friday, February 6, 2009

Vaaa Vaaa, Baaa Baaa, Stand Me Up...Keep It Up

So much has been going on that's it's hard to update often enough. I tend to post pictures and I never get the time to write anything. I try to take pictures that will remind me of what I want to remember to write. I have tons of cute video that I don't have time to download...I keep stacking the tapes and figure one day I'll get to it. Well...even if it's when they are 18, it'll be fun to watch.

Taylor loves talking....mostly screaming. lol But she's experimenting a lot. Her favorites are Baa baa and vaa vaa. She said Maa Maa the other day while she was screaming mad and then Daa Daa the next day. She's pretty random with those at this point. Vaa vaa and Baa baa are her favorites. It's cute. Luke has been expanding his vocab a little. Lots of AhhhhAhhaAH kinda sounds and Baa here and there.

The babies LOVE to stand. I had started teaching them to grab my hands and pull themselves to standing and they LOVE it. They don't want to stop. Taylor giggles when I put my hands out because she gets so excited to play this game and Luke sticks his tongue out in concentration/excitement. It's cute. I was telling Nick how Luke is using the waterworks to try and get what he wants lately and Nick got a taste of it while playing the stand up game. Every time Nick would sit him back down he'd cry and them smile big when he pulled him back up. lol He screaming when he laid him down and walked away. He's been the little stinker eating lately too. I've started with stern No's for spitting out food and grabbing the bowl. He gets offended and darn right mad about not being able to do what he wants. Taylor has been really good about it so far anyhow. I'm always afraid to say such things since they switch so quickly. She doesn't always like it and tests me but she gives in easier then Luke at this point. She's been cracking me up with her sitting up in her crib now. She can now easily go from laying to sitting on her own. She was screaming last night at 2:30 am in her crib sitting up like she was in jail. She's been getting her legs stuck while doing this but she's getting a better handle on getting them back out. She trying to pull herself up on everything and stands long periods of time now holding onto things. She switches hands on and off and turns around switching toys from hand to hand all while standing. Luke loves to stand but his legs buckle here and there. It's cute...some of it is him trying to bounce up and down like he does in his excersaucer. He just gets so excited it's cute. He's rocking on all fours now...and he moves backwards. One thing we crack up at is when he lays back in the exersaucer with the mirror...looking at himself and spinning around. It's funny. He's also been doing a lot of raising his hands and he shakes his head no if you do.

I've been reading Baby Wise 2 and I'll tell ya...I'm actually relieved bu the things I'm reading. I know there's a big debate with such things but I've not always listened to the PCR lady about letting the babies experiment with their food. The neat freak in me (not that I'm that neat but I don't like mess) didn't understand why we should promote that. I mean...ya give the baby free reign to throw food and put it in their hair and then when it's not cute anymore you tell them not to do it. It didn't make sense to me. I mean I know food will fly and they will spit...I'm not saying I'll have them trained perfectly and accidents and tantrums won't happen...that white wall will get food on it eventually...but on purpose? Baby Wise talks about training from the start instead of retraining. Giving them the freedom that their age can handle and then gradually expand it. I'm guilty of some of the examples they use. Letting the babies play with the remote. Will we always want them to play with the remote...or at some point will we say no. If we say no to the remote right off...there's no confusion later. just makes a lot of sense to me and I feel a little less nuts for how I've gone about their eating habits. If you're interested this is the book. I don't know how close I'll follow it. It depends on how much Luke and Taylor require. I already see how parenting can be so different for different personalities. Right now Luke's will is was the opposite not too long ago. They seem to trade on and off.......lets up they both don't decide to be on the same schedule. lol

This mornings events were kinda funny. Luke spit up on his sheets this morning...the thick nasty kind and then he rolled his head in it. Yum. So, I washed his hair this morning and brought them both down for their first meal. I had the food all ready to go, changed Taylor, then went to change Luke and realized he had a mess. I proceeded, then realizing that there was only one wipe and I didn't stock the downstairs back up. Hmm...I'd already taken the diaper I leaned over to grab a few cloth diapers to clean him up...meanwhile he peed all over himself. I mean ALL over. I then dried him off as best I could, face and all...and wiped him as best I could which wasn't very good with dry cloth diapers...and I layed more cloth diapers on the floor to lay his wet body on. There was a POOL of pee on the changing table. Cleaned that. Covered him with more cloth diapers hoping to prevent him from getting poop on his hands...ran upstairs, got wipes and by the time I can down he'd peed all over himself again and he was laughing waving the cloth diaper in the air. I gave him a bath, by this time they were both starving...and cranky. Lesson.......alway stock the wipes!

Let Me Out!

Several times she's had her legs sticking out like this.

I LOVE to watch them favorite thing to do is wake them up from their naps. They get so excited. Taylor is out of it and just wants to cuddle and Luke is a big cheese.

She's crawling on every thing and so close to standing on her own. She stands just leaning on things now with both hands occupied.

Luke loving to have help standing.

Not liking to sit back down. lol He did the same thing tonight...crying when you'd sit him down...the stinker...and as soon as you pull him back up...he's all smiles.

He concentrates with his tongue like his Dad...see above photo. lol

Normally she's all excited and smiles to play this game but right here she's eyeing up the remote.

She crawls over our legs.

After the emergency bath this morning. :) All is well...

Miss cheeseball herself


jag said...

I'm tellin' ya', you've got yourself a couple of Gap babies there! Her awesome hair... His amazing eyes... They are beautiful! You must hear that ALL the time, but it's SO true!

Joan said...

Sounds like your little Luke is as stubborn as mine.

Looks as Ms. Taylor go. Once she realizes she is standing, that is the end of it! She'll be giving Luke a run for his money ;)