Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bear Hugs, Playing & Drama King

Aunt Jody got this shirt for Luke for Christmas. It was a 2T so I put it aside. The other night he spit up all over his shirt and I grabbed it to try and it's really not that big. lol It's also adorable on him.

Luke getting hungry and grouchy.
Luke's definitely starting to be a drama king.
Testing out the power of the waterworks.

Ohhh....pity meee....

I'm dying here people...



Abbi said...

bear hugs...that's cute!

Joan said...

And who wouldn't want a hug from Mr. Blue eyes =D

We have that little bug too! it's adorable. I bought it by high recommendation from Steece's pieces some time ago. Hope he loves it as much as my little Luke did!