Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taylor's Weight Check and More Laughing

Taylor had her weight check today and her official weigh in was 14lbs 7oz. She was in a very good mood today. Did she know she wasn't getting shots this time? Hmm. She was all smiles and even played with her belly when she was in the scale. Her belly is getting bigger....not Luke big but pudgy Taylor big. I asked the doctor about trying to go off of her reflux medicine. I want to see if the problem was only her formula. He said to go ahead and try it for a week and see. I asked about whether she's likely to outgrow the milk protein intolerance and he said most babies outgrow it by 1. He said when it's time for yogurts and dairy foods, we'll see how she does with those. If she can tolerate those, we'd then try milk, if not then she'd have to go on soy milk. Time will tell.

Ticklish babies. I'm loving it.

Other updates I've just not had time to write about. Luke has sleeping in the nursery now. For about a week now. I think he likes not being disturbed by his sister. It was just getting crazy with her rolling and him yanking on her and the divider. So they were ready and Nick had been ready for a long time. It was just about me being ready. lol I just love waking up and seeing them. sigh ...I made a few comments to Nick about soon being ready and that made him just put Luke in the other crib one night. I left him there because I was ready and he to needs to get better rest. I have the video monitor set up. That thing is great! The first night it woke me up a lot. It's so sensitive. It turns on with any sound and in our old creaky house, it kept coming on and it kept me awake all night. I ended up turning it down so I can hear if he fusses but it doesn't otherwise wake me once I'm asleep. Taylor is sleeping on her side and often her belly now. It looks like she's face planted and I don't see how she can breathe. I try and turn her head when I catch her but it's tricky to not wake her. She's a light sleeper. Luke doesn't wake near as easily once he's out. Now we gotta get another camera for Taylor's crib. How long can I put that off? She is getting better at night. I'm almost afraid to type that. The doctor said we should still look into getting the book on helping them sleep through the night because he said it often gets worse once they are toddlers. Lord help me. I figure if I made it through those first 2 months, how much worse could it get??? I shouldn't even think of that. One day at a time has been my motto from the beginning and those one days are flying way too fast already.

The babies have been eating solids twice a day now. Lunch and dinner. Taylor was the pro at first and now Luke is doing great. Taylor has recently decided she wants "dinner and a show" meaning she wants entertained while she eats. She has been throwing fits and Nick makes fun of me but my antics to get the food in work. I might sound ridiculous but she laughs and she eats! Luke is just hilarious...his mouth is wide open when I put him in the chair and he sucks off the spoon and downs his food in no time. They've eaten bananas, applesauce, pears, and sweet potatoes so far. I'll tell ya what....what they say about the way real food comes back out is true...Heavens it smells. They are tolerating everything well so far though. They seem to like bananas the best so far.

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