Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Date Night & Pics

Tonight Nick and I went to Red Lobster for my birthday. It was the first time we've left them at except with each other. My mom, dad and sister watched them. It was nice to get out and talk and the food was YUMMY! It was a nice little break. It always feels weird to not have a baby on me, and I was ready to cuddle them when we got home. :)

The picture above was taken when we got home. Taylor's hair cracked me up this morning. I usually put a little baby oil in it after her bath but last night I didn't and it sticks straight up. I thought it was cute so I left it. It cracked me up all day today so I took a bunch of pics.

Her first hair accessory. Nick rolled his eyes. lol

This cracked me up...I saw that Nick put this bib on Luke.
I asked him why he gave him a girl bib and he said ...
"it's blue" it's not a girl bib.
All except for the "pink" and "love" and flowers on it. ;)
I guess I should be happy he knew it was blue.
We had purple and blue issues with the bottle tops...
We compromised, Taylor is green and Luke is blue & purple
since Nick can't tell them apart.
When I'd give Taylor purple, he thought it was blue
which isn't good because they have different formulas. :)

Are you serious? lol

I love when Nick holds him like this because he looks and smiles at me.
Nick put his hand in front of his eyes and he kept trying to look around it to see me.

Taylor's nap routine. Nuk, bunny, cuddle.

She loves holding her feet right now. It's hard to keep socks on her...she pulls them right off.
That is, if she didn't already squirm them off.

Quick bath

Laundry has increased A LOT! It's an every other day baby load.
Going through bibs and burp cloths like CRAZY!

PCR lady told us to try freezing wet washcloths for them to chew on. Taylor liked it.

After coming back from Brown's orchards. Neat place.


Lea Liz said...

I just can't get over how cute they are!! Look at those blue eyes, and I love her hair sticking up:)Also, the bow is perfect:) So cute! I bet you all were glad to get a date night, but so ready to get home. I think that is how I will be..

Mashel said...

They are so cute Robin. I can't believe that Taylor is just now getting her first hair accessory! I had one in Hannah hair on the way home from the hospital! ha ha. I guess when you have 3 boys and finally get that girl, well....I have gone a little girl crazy! But I love it. (I also painted her nails the night we brought her home too!LOL)