Friday, October 24, 2008

Never a Day

Not one day have I ever regretted the decision to stay home with them. Not even on the bad days. Not one day have I longed to do anything more than to be with them as much as I can. I want to see their first everything. I want to be the one who holds them when they cry, the one who feeds them and the one who even changes them. Yeah there are days when I need a break. When I'm ready for Nick to come home and help...but never a day have I regretted our decision. It sometimes bothers me when people complain that they "can't" financially stay home. I don't understand everyones unique situation and I know it's not everyones desire to stay home but I know that God will take care of us if we follow his will. We sacrificed material things to have me stay home. We sold my car and paid cash for one, sold each of our houses and moved to an old fixer-upper to cut our mortgage way back. I see so many people holding on to cars, clothes, houses, entertainment and they say they really want to stay home but they can't financially do it. My question is will you sacrifice and trust God? We prayed and planned for the change and still, for us on paper, financially there was no way it was going to work. We trusted God to provide and he always has. I remember saying to Nick...but we're going to bring in less than half of what we used to and then all the additional deductions from his pay for insurance, how are we going to pay bills? Our household income was going to change a lot. It was scary on paper. Nick was always confident that the Lord would provide, that we were doing what was best and what God was leading us to do. It's been a year since I left my job of almost 12 years, it was really hard for me to leave that job and let go of what I was really good at. He doesn't give us lots extra but he gives us enough. He gives us just what we need. AND then sometimes he blesses us on top of that. I've been able to still freelance graphic design from home and it provides extra which is nice and it keeps me in my field. There are days that it's difficult to get work done but I've never regretted a day. Seriously, what could be more worth it?

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Mashel said...

I completly agree with you! I know that it is so important for me to be home with the kids while they are little. They are only going to be little once, and if I miss it, there is no going back. We have also made some sacrifices, and it is all worth it completly. It is by far, way harder then going to work, but also way more important and rewarding. You are doing a wonderful thing for those gorgous babies!
Ps Do you go to MOPS? If not you should look it up and find one in your area. It is great.