Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brother and Sister Love, pictures & video

It's been so cute to see them discover each other. Luke started by staring at his ever-moving sister and now she's finally looking back at him and they enjoy playing. I'm just trying to prevent one of them poking the others eye out. In the morning when I lay them down, I lay them side by side to make their bottles. They always end up turning to touch each other. Taylor usually rolls to her belly to look over him and Luke like to touch her soft fuzzy hair. Cute.

Can I touch your belly, Luke?

No, YOU come here mister.

Luke, you have to pop the collar like Daddy. lol

My fingers taste good, wanna try?

What conditioner do you use? It's so soft.

Anticipating...who's she gonna pick up first?

This morning video

This evening video

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Lea Liz said...

This is so sweet and cute... just think.. they will always be the best of buds!!!!!