Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've really been trying to learn how to save as much money as we can. I've dived into coupons and I'm learning how to make them work for us. This may sound silly to someone who knows how to use them well.......but I never really used them much before. I mean I'd cut things out and use them from time to time but I never really planned ahead and I'm learning that's what you have to do to save money. I go through my Sunday paper and clip the coupons of the things we use. This I've done before, no biggie. BUT then, if you then take those coupons and match them up to the grocery store weekly flier of sales items or a stores really can save. For example...I had a coupon for Hamburger Helper (I know it's gross but once a week it's a cheap meal) 3 and get a $1.00 off. I then looked at Kennies sales flier and saw that they had a sale on Hamburger Helper. Buy 5 for $5. So by buying 5 Hamburger Helpers when that sale was running and using that coupon, I got 5 Hamburger Helpers for 80 cents each. Get it? I did that with several items. BabiesRUs is another good deal. Use their store coupons coupled with manufacturer coupons. It adds up. Last week at the grocery store, I spent $150 and I saved $40. At BabiesRUs, I spent $112 and saved $30. I don't know why but I didn't think you could double up coupons like that. But you can. I'm getting excited about it. With Taylor's formula costing $25 every 5 days, we need a break somewhere. I was so upset my Sunday paper wasn't there this past Sunday. I missed all my coupons and sales flyers. ahhhh.......anyhow, I thought I'd share what I learned and hope it helps someone else save too. It does take some time and planning but I think it's worth it.

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