Thursday, September 18, 2008

4 Month Docs Visit and SHOTS!

Can a 4 month old remember? Well it sure seemed little Miss Taylor remembered. She was fine UNTIL I laid her on the examination table to undress her. She screamed and cried! Picked her up....she was fine....laid her back down on the table....screaming. They got their shots, Polio, Pneumococcal Disease, Diphtheria, Rotavirus and Hib.

Luke was first for his checkup. He laid there smiling, staring at the light all happy. Dr. Zelis examined him and then gave him his oral vaccine and shots. The shots brought on his whimper escalating to a cry and then as soon as Nick picked him up he was fine again. Luke is a BIG boy. 95th percentile for weight! 18lbs 14oz. He's actually not even on the chart that I have for weight. 75th percentile for height. 25-3/4 and 50th percentile for his head circumference. 42. And we thought he had a big head. His head is the only thing that's not big. lol

Then, it was Taylor's turn. As soon as I laid her on the table, she started screaming....and screaming...and screaming. The whole building could hear her little lungs. Dr Zelis laughed and said, so do you notice any difference in their personalities. lol Just a little. I asked him if she could possibly remember and he said you'd be surprised that some babies do seem to. The screams turned to whaling with the shots...she didn't want her pacifier...she just wanted outta there! She didn't calm down until we left that room and she pouted in protest the whole way home. I talked to the doctor about how she's doing feeding wise and we're gonna up her medicine a little and see how she does. He wants to see her in a month because she seems to have lost weight. I say it like that because Nick and I both thought last time that they wrote her weight down wrong. We thought they verbally said 12lbs 9 oz and wrote down 13lbs 9oz. Either way she's not gained much even if she didn't lose. I kinda thought she might not gain as much since she's off the high calorie premie formula. Today she weighed 13lbs 2oz. which is in the 25th percentile. 20th for height, 23-1/2 and she made it to the 10th percentile for her head circumference, up from the 3rd. I am glad her tiny little head is growing.

He told us a fever at this age is 100.5 taken either way. If they have a fever for more than 4 days to call the office. The doc asked how they were sleeping and I told him about Taylor's new pattern of waking at 2am and, 3 and 4 and wanting her pacifier. He gave me a article with some suggestions and said his 2 year old at one point woke up every 1/2 hour. Hopefully we can get her diverted and able to console herself back to sleep. I'll love when she can put that pacifier back in herself! The article talked about using a blanket or stuffed animal to comfort them but at this age they really aren't supposed to have "things" in their crib. We'll see...she's been trying to put the pacifier in herself, she just can't get it in the right direction and she's been sucking on her fingers a lot too. We shall see.

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