Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taylor's Doc Appt.

We took Taylor to the doc about her eating issues. She actually threw a fit eating at 2 so we brought the bottle along to show the doc what she does. She screamed when the nurse took her rectal temp and then she peed on me when I took her diaper off to weigh her. lol Good news is she weighs 13lbs 9oz....and she is more in the normal zone for weight now. Good good. So the doctor checked her and watched how she acted with eating. He suggested changing to another reflux medicine. I told him that the last medicine was pretty expensive. It was $35 after insurance. I took it to a special pharmacy to have it filled and they just left me a message saying our insurance doesn't cover it at all. Our doctor was hoping it would be cheaper. It's $49/month. ouch. He also switched her formula to Nutramigen or Alimentum which is supposed to have broken down proteins so the stomach doesn't have to break them down. He also recommended making an appointment with a gastro doc. He said they are usually 3-6 months out to get in so if these changes don't work for her, we'll have an appointment scheduled. They called me already and she has an appointment at Hershey Medical on January 22, 2009. Hopefully she'll outgrow this or the formula or meds will work and we can cancel that appointment. I'm not looking forward to the price of the formula. Neosure premie formula was 14.33/can and this is 25.00! YOUCH! Nick commented that "it's" starting already. Little miss thing being expensive. I just hope it works. I'm so tired of fighting her to eat.

Last night was sooooo fun. A friend from church gave us an exersaucer. Luke and Taylor both LOVE it! I was thinking it's about time to put the jumper together and I think they would love that too now. Their feet barely reach and Taylor especially needs close supervision since she's so wild but they love the new perspective. Luke spins himself around. He was in it watching me make dinner and he would pivot to follow me....cute. Taylor looks tiny in it but Luke looks like a little man. :)

I looked back on the old pictures the other night and I can't believe how much they have changed...they were so little! :)

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Kathy said...

We just have to get over to see these little cuties. Well, Luke actually is quite the big boy. No doubt he's a Bair, Looks so much like Nick. Taylor sounds like Ella with the eating issues. They had her on soy w/ cereal mixed in and prevacid. She also would spit up a lot. She got through it and is a good eater now. First one at the table (Even before Tim)!