Thursday, July 17, 2008

Taylor's More Expensive Already!

We started getting bills from Luke and Taylor's birth and we noticed Taylor is TWICE as expensive. lol Is that a girl or what? They listed...Newborn Resuscitation for $240.00. They used an aspirator bulb on her and I guess that's resuscitation. It all happened so fast...I remember Luke screaming when he was born but Taylor came so quickly after that I didn't realize she didn't. Luke was only $116.00. We were also charged for an Evoked Auditory Test for $12.00.

Poor little Taylor is taking the vaccines harder than Luke. Last night Nick noticed she was really hot. We took her temperature and it was 102.2. I thought that was too high. I had stopped giving them Tylenol that morning, so I gave her more and called the doc. He said it was perfectly normal, to give her Tylenol for another 24 hrs and make sure her temperature doesn't get higher than 103.

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