Sunday, July 20, 2008

Smiling Sissy Girl

So I've officially sounded dumb with baby talk....I often wondered why people do that, is it really necessary? But when you see them smile....well, I get it now. It's been a rough week and those smiles make it bearable. Since the vaccines, they just haven't been back to normal. Taylor held on to her fever until Thursday, then Luke had a fever Saturday night until this morning. Last night he was screaming and miserable. On a better note, Taylor seems to be doing much better eating since we started the Zantac. The feedings with the medicine 2x/day go the best. I'm praying she keeps it up and gets back to normal eating.

We had a visit from Amy, Eric and Drew. It was really nice to have them over. Amy's due with a little boy August 20th. They have an awesome miracle story so check out her blog on the side column. It's amazing how God draws us close when we trust him. We're praying they have a HAPPY ending, even more miraculous then they imagine with this little boy. Pray she's able to deliver without another section and she and every other pregnant women I know wants to go at 38 weeks. lol I was very impressed though, she looks great! 36 weeks and was sitting on the floor and got up on HER OWN! I remember the one time I forgot and got down and COULDN'T get back up. That wasn't that close to the end either. lol Oh how it's nice to be able to breathe and move again.

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Danielle B said...

Oh, my! How adorable she is. So sweet it almost makes me want more. (I did say almost!) Got your photo card too. Loved it! And how they've changed already. So glad things worked out so well too. Lots of kisses to them both!