Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whole Lotta Crying going on . . .

It's been a rough few days. Mostly yesterday. This is a brief recap: Luke woke up screaming at 8am. Got bottles ready and started feeding Luke at 8:30, Taylor starts screaming. Put Luke into a boppy and feed Taylor, Luke starts screaming. Put Taylor down and finish feeding Luke. Finish feeding Taylor. Get bouncies seats in place to take a shower. Luke falls asleep, Taylor screams the whole time I'm in the shower. Get out of the shower, give Taylor her Nuk, Luke wakes up and screams for 3 hours non stop and nothing I did helped. The only thing that made him stop briefly was the swing. I don't know if it's colic or something digestive. Poor guy has gas all day long. He cries on and off a lot before going #2 as well. Both of them really strain to release their gas but it's much worse with Luke. I asked the doc about it at the last visit and she told me to get gas drops with have helped them both with burping but it hasn't helped Luke's "lower gas" issues. I said something about the formula but she said Neosure is made for preemies and it's the most gentle, hyper allergenic formula there is. I'm going to ask the advice of the lady from Family-Child Resources and see what she says. Taylor screamed on and off throughout the 3 hour ordeal and one of them was crying all day until 4 when they finally crashed. I hope I don't have a lot more of those days! lol 

The simultaneous crying has met an all time high! They are getting MUCH more vocal about their needs, especially when they are hungry. They are eating 3-4 ozs now. I've been rotating them when they are both hungry. Feed one an ounce or two and then the other until they are both done. Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much. lol 

Lots has happened since I've had time to write on here. They are grabbing things now. Luke LOVES the mirror on the floor gym thingy. He can play with that for hours. Taylor just started grabbing at it yesterday, she's been playing with the rattle today. In fact she was hitting the rattle and Luke was hitting her. lol Taylor is a wiggy worm. She can army crawl around on her belly. I think frustration is her motivation. She gets mad and starts kicking which causes her to move. She can roll over to her side by herself too. I noticed that Taylor really favored turning her head to one side. We've been working on making her turn it the other way. She isn't too happy about it but she's doing much better now. They both do really well with lifting and turning their heads. Luke loves the swing and the bouncy chair. Well........time to feed them again.


Luke LOVES his mirror


Oh My!

Oh and I weighed them this morning. Taylor is up to 8 lbs and Luke at 9! They are definitely feeling heavier!

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