Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Graduated from Boppies

Doing the wave...weeeeee........

As long as I have my nuk the world is a better place. :)

No longer can I rely on Boppies to keep these two put during my shower. They wiggle and squirm out of them and then scream and cry once they get stuck. Now I'm using the bouncy seats on VIBRATE! It works to keep them put.....happy is sometimes another story. The swing and bouncers work for Luke more than Taylor at this point. Taylor gets bored quickly. Luke could play with the same mirror, rattle or swing all day. Taylor starts her "I'm bored" screams when she needs something new.


Daddy Dale and Mommy Jen said...

Hi Robin,
I found your blog when searching for twin blogs. Your babies are precious!!!!!!! It does get easier, I promise! I so remember being in your shoes as my twins are almost 6 months old now. Please feel free to view our blog!
Take care and I would love to chat sometime!

Mashel said...

Hi, I found your blog the same way, and I have twins too. My twins are also boy/girl, and are 7 months old now. I love all your pictures. Feel free to check out my blog too. Congratulations, you have two beautiful babies.