Monday, March 10, 2008

Worship Music & Morphing Belly

The babies love worship music. Every sunday in church as soon as the drums start, they start kicking. They kick the whole time we're singing and now that they are kicking harder and harder it almost startles me at times. lol

When I'm laying or sitting down I can see arms and legs moving across my belly. Every once in awhile her head will pop out from under my ribs which is really strange looking and it hurts until I can move it back. It's neat to be able to move their feet around with my hands and sometimes they give me a kick back. Nick always tells me to stop pestering them but I love to be able to touch them and have them react to me besides I think they like it. :) I wish I could feel the girls feet easier but she seems to still be breech and her feet don't poke out like his do. I'll be anxious to see how they are laying on the next ultrasound....I'll be 29 weeks next week when we see them again!

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