Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lots of Contractions

The last two days I've had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. They seem to really start around dinner time until I go to bed. Last night was a little frustrating. I was told by the high risk doctor at my ultrasound appt to call my doctor if I have four contractions in an hour EVEN if they don't hurt because it could be a sign of preterm labor. I've also read this in my twin books and online as well. I can't say I've exactly listened so far because I easily have four in an hour but by drinking water and laying down I can usually get them to stop or at least slow down. Last night was different. They just kept coming. They didn't hurt but they were consistently 10 mins apart and water and laying down didn't stop them. I waited a few hours to make sure they weren't stopping and I decided to call the doctor on call. It was a doctor from the practice that I haven't had yet. His response was "unless they hurt they aren't real contractions so drink water and lay down". I told him I'd been doing that for the last few hours and they weren't stopping. He said not to worry about it and if they start hurting to call back. I told him what the high risk doctor said about it being a sign of preterm labor and that I was calling because she told me to and he said if you feel like it you can go to labor hall and have them monitor your contractions. It was strange, I was frustrated that I was being told different things again but yet I didn't feel anxious about it. Nick left and went to the Y with Jordan and I told him to keep his phone on but I didn't feel like I really needed to go to the hospital. I'm hoping when I do need to go I get that sense of .....OK THIS IS IT. lol I felt like I was going a little nuts so I looked it up on the twin site I visit and my twin books and sure says to take frequent contractions that don't hurt seriously. I go to the doctor on Friday to see a new female doctor. I'll see what she says. The contractions became less intense and I fell asleep and I am fine so far today. I just keep praying God gives me that sense of when to take it seriously. I'm sure if I have painful ones, I'll be ready to have them check me out. :)

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