Thursday, April 4, 2013


No matter how many times I say graNOLA bars, Luke and Taylor both still say graNOVA(luke) and graNOVER(taylor) bars. {cute}
Taylor: Luke can you get me a band aid and put it on for me?
Luke: Sure Taylor.
Me: Taylor, you need to stop picking at that cut or its gonna scar.
Taylor: That's okay, it'll go away when I go to heaven.
Luke: Yup, there won't be any boo boos in heaven, nothing hurts, everything will be healed.
Taylor: yeah mama so don't worry.
{Taylor giggling during prayer}
Taylor: I'm trying to stop but my mouth keeps laughing.
Luke and Taylor often ask for a snack before breakfast while I'm feeding Olivia. It cracks me up that out of everything they have to choose from in their snack bins, they pick red peppers and cherry tomatoes first thing in the morning.
Me: I really wish I could get rid of my headache today.
Taylor: I just prayed for you in my head, mama.
Me: thank you!
Luke: I thank you God for mamas head and I pray Jesus that you would heal it in the name of Jesus, amen.
Me: thanks Luke.
Taylor: ya know mama, you sure are lucky to have all these kids to pray for you. Soon Olivia will be able to pray for you too and then you'll have 3 kids praying for you! That's a lot of prayer.
Me: God knows I need a lot of prayer.
Luke: that's why he gave you so many kids mama!
Kids are pretending they are in college and they are going to each others colleges (their rooms) to tuck each other in to sleep at night. They said after nap at college they can have chocolate. Luke's college is called Hockey Chocolate College and Taylor's college is called Ballet Chocolate College. They had play money out cause they said their college costs a lot. Lol
Just listened to Luke and Taylor in the bath tub having a discussion about whether we should love satan or not.
Taylor: Ya know, I don't think I love everyone.
Luke: you're supposed to love everyone Taylor.
Taylor: well... I just can't love satan.
Luke: well I don't love the things satan does but I still love him cause God created him.
Taylor: I'm still not sure God wants us to love satan.
Luke: we're supposed to love everyone Taylor.
Taylor: I just can't do it. Mama, what do you think, are we supposed to love satan? (Now my gut reaction to that question would be no, but having listened to the conversation I was kinda not sure lol... Never once thought about it, only that we should avoid satans schemes and avoid his voice and concentrate on Gods truth...hmm)
Me: well satan is an angel not a person, right?
Taylor: well I love Gods angels just not satans angels.
Me: I think God wants us to focus on Him and how awesome, big and amazing he is and keep from focusing on how evil satan is.
Luke: yea, cause Jesus is gonna destroy him anyhow.
Me: I'm thinking God just wants us to love Him so much that we have the ability to love everyone else the way we should. {whew, seriously, this is 4 year old twin conversation, Olivia's gonna learn a lot Quick!}
Olivia's fav thing to say is, "huh?" Lol hilarious.
As women we define HAPPINESS by:
the way we look
the way we feel
the man we're with (or the next one we're with)
how romantic our husbands are
the behavior of our kids
how successful we are in our career
the material possessions we have, car, house, clothes
the success of our ministries
who approves of us
...if only this, if only that...then I'd be happy...
But happiness is based on circumstance and we're not in control of any of the above circumstances. There isn't one of these things above that couldn't be taken from us in this life and then where does that leave us. We lose jobs, we get old, people pass away, no man is meant to fill a void that only someone perfect can. Fulfilling the purpose of the very one who made us brings us joy. Joy regardless of our circumstance. The relationship we have through Jesus is eternal. Nothing and no one can take it from us, not even death. Loving Him and following His plan is the only way to fill the void we try to fill in our quest to be "happy". His promises and love for his children never fail and they last forever. We work so hard at trying to stuff all these far from adequate things into the HUGE void that can ONLY be satisfied by a holy, perfect, loving, all knowing, sacrificing, gracious, forgiving, powerful God.
Luke: {giggling} Olivia! You can not put my elbow in your mouth, now stop pestering me! :)
Olivia crying in the car trying to fall asleep....Luke was rubbing her leg and Taylor says, "It's okay Olivia, God is on your side." She stopped crying, Taylor: It worked!
Luke and Taylor are making houses out of hockey sticks, putters and baseball bats. :)
Taylor: I'm upset that Luke didn't want me to sit next to him today and Landon said he had a plan, his plan was good, he said that he could sit on one side of Luke and I could sit on the other but Luke said no.
Luke: I'm trying to make new friends Taylor. I was sitting next to the new boy who doesn't know anyone.
{Luke and Taylor running to me arguing}
Luke: It wasn't on purpose!
Taylor: He hit me!
Me: What did you do before he hit you?
Taylor: (sighhhh)
Me: And did you guys talk about it before running to me?
Luke: Taylor I was wrong for hitting you, do you forgive me?
Taylor: Yes. Luke I was wrong for sitting on you, do you forgive me? (Lol)
Luke: Yes.
(Hugs and running off to play)
Luke and Taylor's interpretation of Tchaikovsky Swan Lake is quite a complement to each other. Luke squatted, squalking, and flapping his wings and Taylor tip toeing gracefully, doing pirouettes and arabesques.
Me: Be careful with that marker guys, I don't think it's washable, so if you get it on you, it might not come off.
Taylor: Its okay mama, it'll come off in heaven, there all things will be made new.
Luke: Yeah but you should still be careful Taylor.
Why is it that Luke and Taylor all the sudden look older. Like kids and not little kids. :/
Taylor: When can we invite Danen Kane over? Cuz he's never been to our house and we don't have a cat now.
Me: What made you think of Danen Kane?
Taylor: I was just thinking about him. Maybe I should make him a card that says, great job singing and invite him over. Would that be okay mama? — with Danen Kane.
Luke and Taylor were watching the Easter video and singing OH OH.... And Olivia started singing OH OH. :) when they looked at her and congratulated her, she started squealing :) #lovemykids
{I just cut my finger and this is what happens}
Luke: can I pray for it mama?
Me: yes, thank you.
Luke: Dear God, thank you for mamas finger and I pray in the name of Jesus for you to heal it. Amen.
Luke: Mama, can I get you a bandaid?
Taylor: Can I get you a bandaid, cuz he got to pray for it!
Luke: Ill get the bandaid!
{both running to the bathroom}
Me: Taylor, let Luke get one this time.
{hear them arguing over what bandaid I should have... Hello kitty or buzz, Taylor runs out first w a hello kitty bandaid peeled and ready}
Me: Didn't I say to let Luke get one this time?
Taylor: but mom! He's trying to make you wear a boy bandaid and that isn't right.
{Luke runs out w buzz band aid peeled and ready}
Me: Taylor talk to Luke.
Taylor: I was wrong for getting mama a hello kitty bandaid when she asked you to get one, do you forgive me?
Luke: yes Taylor.
Me: Luke, are you trying to irritate your sister by getting me a boy band aid? Am I a boy?
Luke: (Laughing) No.
Me: Talk to your sister.
Luke: I was wrong for trying to irritate you Taylor. Do you forgive me?
Taylor: Yes, Luke.
{they hug and Taylor sneaks a kiss}
Luke: Taylor can you please not kiss me after putting that lipstick on. {Chapstick}
Taylor: but you LOVE kisses.
Luke: No I don't!
{they run off to play}
(Since it was bloody I went with the first one handed to me. However I'm not sure what the right answer would be. Haha #parentingishard. Lol I probably would have gotten a dif one to promote peace since their motives in choosing were stinkerish lol had I thought about it. And of course Taylor says to Luke, I told you shed want the hello kitty. For which Taylor had to say she was wrong for bragging...offering her another kiss opportunity... #neverends )
Olivia just said Gook for the 3rd time today when Luke came to her. Seriously? Taylor used to call him Huke.
Luke: Oh my goodness Taylor, you're gonna love Olivia's outfit today, it looks soo cute!
Taylor: (walking in) I know Luke, I'm the one who picked it out for her. You love it, don't you Olivia??? You are so pretty.

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