Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Taylor: Luke let's play hide and seek! Okay...Luke, you hide right here and I'll come and find you. {funny thing is the anticipation about kills them even when they know where they will find each other)


Cutest thing yesterday. The kids went with Nick and I to pick out fixtures for the house. After a few stores with nothing in stock, we found what we needed and Luke and Taylor were SO BIG putting ALL the boxes on the counter to check out and back on the cart...and of course then helped Daddy push it. They were SO PROUD of themselves. Luke keeps saying how BIG he is carrying all those heavy boxes. ♥ ♥ ♥


Luke: Taylor, we need to read this book to our friends so they know about Jesus.
Taylor: Yeah Luke, that's a good idea.
Luke: Yeah cuz they don't know how much Jesus loves them.
Luke: Mom, isn't it sad that our friends don't know how much Jesus loves children. They don't know how much he loves them and we need to tell them because they are sad. Jesus loves them so much ALL the time and they need to know that. ♥


Lorrie Tanner:
While the cubs were here last night...

Me: Would you help clean up the toys please?
Taylor: (politely) Those are boy toys. I don't want to clean them up.
Luke: (cheerfully) That's ok. I will clean them up for you.

What??? Whose kids say that?!


Luke: Look Mommy at the angel I drew!
Me: Wow, Luke...I like that angel.
Luke: Do you know how I learned to draw that angel?
Me: I don't know.
Luke: Cuz I must be big now. huh?
Me: Must be. :)


Me: Where's my phone?
Taylor: Oh it's in my purse. If it rings or you get a text, I'll give it to you.


Taylor: Mom, where's your phone at...I'm expecting a call.
Me: I have it.
Taylor: Mom, {sigh} I just missed my call.

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