Friday, February 10, 2012


{this morning while I was getting ready the kids come into the bathroom with very concerned looks on their faces}
Taylor: Mom...we need your help. A lion ate the princess and we need help getting her out of the lions mouth!
Luke: Yeah it's not good. The princess is in the lions belly in pieces.
{I follow them into their room} Me: Where's the lion?
Taylor: RIGHT HERE! Can't you see it? I can't believe this happened.
{looking at the empty floor where they are imagining all of this, I then pretend to pry the lion's mouth open and tell Taylor to get the princess}
Taylor: Oh no, this is not good. She's ALL busted up.
Me: What should we do?
Luke: It's okay, Jesus will heal her. Let's just pray for her.
{so they did}


{then I hear}
Luke: Blow your horn Taylor.
Taylor: OK {and I hear them blowing their "horns"}
Luke: OK now YELL as loud as you can! {yelling}
Both: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luke: The Wall came down!!!!!!
Me: What are you guys doing?
Luke: I'm Joshua and we're making the Jericho wall come down.


Taylor: Hey mama, come here!
{walk in and they have their play tent and they are pretending to hammer it}
Me: What are you doing?
Taylor: We're building you a house! Isn't it beautiful?
Luke: Yeah........we're doing a good job aren't we Mom? We're good workers and we work REALLY hard!

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