Thursday, December 1, 2011


Luke made up a song for Taylor and I telling us that he loves us and we're beautiful. :) Taylor ate it much as I did. :)


Kids are loving puzzles lately. They put together a 48 piece with no help and today needed very little help with a 100 piece puzzle. Love watching them work on them together. :)


‎{kids alarm goes off, they come running out of their room to Daddy} Taylor: DADDY! DADDY!!!! OUR ALARM WENT OFF! We kept the light off and listened to you. We obeyed Daddy! I love you THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS much Daddy. Aren't you happy? Luke: I love you THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS much too Daddy!


‎{Taylor with her play phone} Taylor: Hi Jesus! How are you doing? OH MY WORD! Are you serious? {holds phone down to talk to us} Jesus said one of his sheep ran off to college! He went and got him though and brought him home. {continues to talk} Yeah...that's good you have him now. Umm Dad Jesus wants to talk to you, here you go. {Daddy talks to Jesus for awhile while we listen} Taylor: Jesus said that grandpa Risser came down from heaven! Can you believe it? Ok Jesus, have a good day, love you! ...{phone "rings" again} Taylor: Hi...Dad, it's Jesus' Daddy. Nick: you mean God the father? Taylor: Yup it's God and he wants to talk to you! {Daddy talks to God} Taylor: Hi God, How's Jesus doing? Oh that's to you later {phone rings again} Taylor: It's the Holy Spirit..The Holy Spirit wants to talk to you dad.... :)


‎{After brushing teeth and getting fluoride vitamin} Luke: OH MY GOODNESS MOM! We forgot to give the boy and girl that don't have toys (he meant Operation Christmas Child kids) vitamins! That's not good, Mom. They need vitamins. Mom, you need to send them vitamins, okay? Cuz we forgot, Mom. How did we forget vitamins?


Luke faithfully prays for all the guitar players in his life including Philip Herndon. But now since Worship Night with Oceans In Love, he's praying for each band member by name. He sounds out the beginning sound of each members name, and says what letter their name starts with and when he gets to Philip, he always says...Mommy, that's a tricky one cuz it starts with a P but sounds like an F. That's silly isn't it? :)


‎{ride home from bible study} Taylor: I screamed Luke's name really loud in class when I was on top of the slide. Me: You did? Why? Taylor: Cuz I wanted him to come to me. Me: Luke, did she do that? Luke: Yup. Taylor: He came up to me and I gave him hugs and kisses and said I LOVE MY BROTHER! {Looking at Luke who has a HUGE grin on his face} Me: Is that right Luke? Luke: yup.
{She's the only one who can get away with kissing him without protest. He wipes them off and says he doesn't like kisses. He always tells me HE will give ME kisses but he doesn't like getting kisses. {stinker}

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